3 Tokens for Long-Term Investment in 2024


Cryptocurrencies are more than just tools for quick gains. Although there are plenty of opportunities for crypto traders and short-term investors, the market proves to be more profitable and less risky for long-term investors.

The Market Favours Long-Term Visions

To give a better context, Bitcoin has gained 105117824.04% since Jul 15, 2010. 14 years ago, the cryptocurrency was selling for just $0.04865. Now it is worth $51,002. Time can be magic.

But if you invest in BTC now, you may not be able to earn 105117824.04% in the next 14 years. With its market cap already at $1T, the world’s largest cryptocurrency has little room for growth and expansion.

Emerging cryptocurrencies, on the other hand, are fertile for growth. A series of pre- and post-halving rallies are predicted to raise the entry point into crypto investments in the coming weeks and months. So now is the right time to expand crypto portfolios.

Here are three top cryptocurrencies that are currently selling much below their potential. They can surge 25X to 500X in the next five years if their roadmap unfolds as planned.

1. eTukTuk – Crypto EV Token for Developing Economies

eTukTuk (TUK) is one of the most radical crypto projects to enter the market with high real-world relevance. It can be best described as a low-cap gem at this point. The native token $TUK has yet to go live on exchanges. It is now limited to a community of early investors in the presale stage.

What exactly is eTukTuk?

eTukTuk is an EV token designed for developing economies. While there are many EV brands in the world, they have failed to make an impact in low-income countries. Here, people struggle to own a private vehicle, let alone an EV.

To tackle this challenge, eTukTuk introduces a solution curated for the public transportation sector. Instead of taking a broad approach, it narrows down its focus to the Tuk-Tuk sector.

Tuk-Tuks are three-wheeler taxis that are known for their convenience and affordability. They are one of the most preferred public transportation in developing economies, especially among urban dwellers.

But there is a problem. They are highly inefficient when it comes to carbon output.

Erasing Tuk-Tuks from the roads is not an answer, since they are an integral part of the economy. Transitioning the sector to green technology offers a better solution.

This is where eTukTuk steps in. In addition to electric three-wheeler taxis, it also introduces a blockchain-based payment system and a network of charging stations. The project is likened to Tesla (TSLA) for its pioneering vision and high potential impact.

$TUK Presale Window is Closing

$TUK will be used as the primary currency for payments and rewards in the eTukTuk ecosystem. For example, drivers will use the token to pay for charging. The reward pool is then distributed to Territory Partners (who establish and run charging stations) and Power Stakers (who secure the blockchain payment system).

In addition to these, a play-to-earn game that takes inspiration from Crazy Taxi is in development. The project marks its entry into the Web3 sector with the upcoming token launch. Investors can buy the token for discounted prices and staking rewards (up to 180%) before the exchange listings from the ongoing presale.


2. $11M Raised and Counting: Bitcoin Minetrix

The presale of Bitcoin Minetrix ($BTCMTX) has gone viral in a short time. It just broke past the $11M milestone after witnessing a large influx of investors, partly driven by the pre-halving FOMO.

But being the first stake-to-mine-to-earn project that has the potential to reshape the mining sector through decentralization, Bitcoin Minetrix will bear more fruit in the long term.

  • Users simply stake $BTCMTX to collect mining credits over time.
  • Mining credits are distributed as non-transferable ERC20 tokens for safekeeping.
  • They are redeemed to access mining rewards.

To get the token at fixed discounted rates before the presale, investors should head to the official website before the presale. Early investments accrue staking rewards starting from the presale stage.

3. Solana Sensation SMOG Could Secure the Third Meme Coin Ranking

SMOG, the latest Solana meme coin sensation, has just begun its series of bull runs. The dragon-themed project is gearing up for a mega airdrop event – a key milestone outlined in its roadmap that holds a substantial portion of its tokenomics.

With great momentum leading up to the airdrop, traders are expecting an exponential price pump in the next few days. The narrative centred around dragons fuels engagement on the platform. In a market dominated by dog coins, SMOG adds a distinctive flavour.

“The mighty Smog reigns over the crypto battlefield, incinerating all his foes. As the dragon fire burns, the Greatest Airdrop in History gathers pace. No other meme coin can survive the fiery flames. Buy and hold $SMOG to gain airdrop points and join the dragon in vanquishing his enemies,” states the website.

The SMOG website has introduced a 10% discount for OTC purchases, along with staking rewards.

Disclaimer: The article is provided for educational purposes only. It does not represent the opinions of NewsBTC on whether to buy, sell or hold any investments and naturally investing carries risks. You are advised to conduct your own research before making any investment decisions. Use information provided on this website entirely at your own risk.

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