5 New Coin Listings To Watch

The Bitcoin price closed a bullish engulfing weekly candle on Sunday, and at the time of writing has reclaimed the $27,000 level – with market sentiment turning risk on even heading into the upcoming FOMC meeting this week.

In this post we review a selection of the best new coin listings for your watchlist – new cryptocurrencies and upcoming exchange listings that could benefit from the latest inflow of capital into the market.

Best Upcoming IDOs and IEOs

Investors are increasing pivoting to new high-quality tokens for exponential gains that can outperform BTC and ETH, especially low cap cryptocurrencies set to launch on top-tier exchanges. Recently launched tokens that have been listed on tier-1 exchanges such as CyberConnect (CYBER) have seen strong bull rallies, even on days the market has been red.

Below we dive into the five best upcoming IEOs and IDOs, catering to both centralized exchange traders and those that prefer on-chain DEX tokens.

Wall Street Memes

Few token launches are generating as much hype and FOMO as the upcoming exchange listing of Wall Street Memes. $WSM will conclude its highly successful presale on the 25th of September at 6pm UTC, having already raised over $25 million in a span of just over 3 months.

Subsequently, Wall Street Memes will go live on multiple Tier-1 exchanges on the 27th of September, which will also enable presale buyers to claim their tokens. According to rumours, 5 of the top 15 centralised exchanges on CoinMarketCap will list the token on their platforms, which could provide a massive boost to its value.

With the presale now closing in less than 10 days, investors are rushing to beef up their $WSM holdings as it could be their last opportunity to purchase the token at a cheap price of $0.337. As such, expert traders like Crypto Dose and No Bs Crypto are extremely bullish on the token and are predicting a 10x bull rally right after its launch, which would make it one of the best upcoming IEOs.

The token is also creating tremendous buzz on social media – after all, the Wall Street Memes group is the trendiest online trading community and boasts a million-strong internet army. Even Elon Musk is a fan of its edgy and hilarious memes and has interacted with its Twitter account on multiple occasions.

The proven track record of the developer team behind the project also has investors excited and has lent credibility to the meme coin. One of the team’s most famous prior projects –  the Wall St Bulls NFT collection – sold out in just 32 minutes, netting $2.5 million.

Wall Street Memes is aiming to be the no.1. crypto community meme coin, according to its Twitter @wallstmemes.

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Bitcoin BSC

Bitcoin BSC is another token that is enjoying robust demand in its presale and has already raised close to $3 million in less than two weeks. Experts like Joe Parys are now backing the token to continue its stellar performance after launch and believe it to be one of the best upcoming IDOs in the crypto market.

BTCBSC is a BEP-20 version of Bitcoin and is built on the cutting-edge BNB Smart Chain – consequently, it is much faster and cheaper as compared to Bitcoin. Furthermore, it utilises the proof-of-stake consensus mechanism and thus consumes significantly less electricity than BTC’s proof-of-work.

However, Bitcoin BSC’s most compelling aspect is that it is priced at just $0.99 in its ICO, mirroring Bitcoin’s value in the early days of 2011.

This feature has a special significance – it is offering a second opportunity to investors who missed out on Bitcoin’s 2,650,000% all-time rally. After all, only a few programmers and university students were even aware of BTC before it exploded and turned out to be the best-performing asset of the decade.

Bitcoin BSC’s strategy is not without merit – it is unlikely that BTC will ever show 30,000x gains again. Furthermore, other Bitcoin clones such as BTC 2.0 and BTC20 have generated much superior returns than the largest cryptocurrency in recent months.

The token is also gaining strong traction amongst retail investors, thanks to its lucrative stake-to-earn utility. The BTCBSC staking pool is currently offering just under 200% APY, with over a million tokens already staked. Investors can begin to stake their tokens in the presale itself to guarantee maximum returns.

However, the presale has a hard cap of $6.063 million –  interested buyers have limited opportunity to jump on the Bitcoin BSC bandwagon early before its upcoming exchange listings. While the exact date of its launch has not yet been announced, it is expected to list on a popular DEX in October after its hard cap is sold out.

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Starship AI

The new Starship AI project is looking to revolutionise the world of crypto trading through the power of artificial intelligence.

In particular, Starship AI is utilising AI to help users automate crucial parts of their trading strategy such as stop-loss orders. Furthermore, it allows users access to past financial data and helps them implement dollar-cost averaging during bear markets.

However, the project’s standout feature is the Copy Trading AI Bot which allows users to emulate the trading strategies of expert traders and quants, thus offering a huge learning opportunity for beginners. They can also use Starship AI’s investment technology to find out the best platform to earn the maximum staking yields.

Similarly, the Starship AI Intelligence platform provides a detailed background of every project – this means that users can trust their investments and will be able to avoid scams that are all too common in the crypto space.

Starship AI’s other outstanding services include market predictions, sentiment analysis, risk assessment and portfolio optimization.

With the continued turbulence in the crypto market, Starship AI could see tremendous demand, thanks to its high utility. As a result, investors are bullish on its native SPAI token, which is set to launch on MEXC exchange on the 19th of September at 2 PM UTC.


The crypto industry has created a bad name for itself, largely due to the extreme energy consumption of Bitcoin, the most popular cryptocurrency. Indeed, lawmakers across the world have proposed banning BTC mining altogether as many mining companies use non-renewable energy sources like coal to support their operation, which causes immense harm to the environment.

To combat this, SolarX is building a trusted mining device using green energy. The SolarX miner will be fueled by solar and wind energy, a move that will maximise efficiency and decentralization while minimising the toll on the environment. This will result in several benefits such as zero air pollution, the possibility of free electricity and potential passive income opportunities.

Furthermore, the project also aims to eliminate gas fees, which will significantly reduce transaction costs.

To accomplish its mission, SolarX has partnered with one of the biggest Web3 companies in the world, Polygon. This partnership is expected to boost the resilience and stability of the SolarX ecosystem while giving the project credibility in the minds of investors. The project has also partnered with other Web3 giants such as Cryptic and CryptoMiners.

Furthermore, the Certik security company has recently completed its audit and KYC of the SolarX smart contract and found no critical security risks.

The SOLX token has announced upcoming crypto exchange listings across five platforms – CoinW, LBank, BitMart, BitForex and MEXC – on the 20th of September at 10 AM UTC.


Like our first new coin listing to watch, WSM, we round out our list with another upcoming listing of a meme token.

The “Meta Version 2.0” theme has emerged as the newest trend in the meme coin market, with tokens like Pepe 2.0 and Shib 2.0 showing remarkable success.

The new Doge2.0 token is aiming to capitalise on this growing trend and is set to launch on MEXC exchange on the 20th of September at 1 PM UTC under the name of DOGECOIN2.

The token, which calls itself the “upgraded and better version” of Dogecoin, claims to be backed by some of the original community’s biggest whales. More importantly, it was priced at just $0.00033 in its presale, much cheaper than Dogecoin’s current price of $0.062.

Furthermore, the token is built on the Binance Smart Chain which is known for its fast transaction speed and low costs.

Therefore, it is possible that Doge2.0 turns out to be one of the best IEOs and displays a strong price surge after launch, particularly as Dogecoin remains deeply bearish – the largest meme coin has plummeted 7% over the last month.


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