5 Web3 Projects Putting Users At The Forefront In 2024

Web3 projects are pushing the boundaries of blockchain technology, cryptocurrency, NFTs, smart contracts and decentralized finance. As we enter 2024, the Web3 industry is bracing itself for a surge of innovation that promises to redefine the concepts of digital interaction and decentralization.

Businesses are showing greater interest in the vast possibilities enabled by Web3. Decentralized applications or dApps that run on blockchain networks instead of centralized servers are not controlled by any single entity, resulting in unique guarantees to their users, such as no risk of censorship, lower downtime, control over their data, superior privacy and the prospect of rewards and incentives. Unlike other kinds of applications, dApps are open-source, can operate autonomously, and are extremely transparent, with their data and records being publicly auditable. Most important of all, they can integrate with crypto to create their own economies.

As we enter 2024, it’s becoming increasingly clear that Web3 is emerging as the future of the internet. So now is the perfect time to check out some of the most revolutionary Web3 dApps that put users at the heart of the experience.


Blocktrade is the creator of a unique digital assets exchange platform that’s fully regulated by EU law. It’s also notably the first gamified platform for digital asset trading, offering an advanced rewards program and game elements that help to make the trading experience more engaging and fun.

Through the use of gamification, Blocktrade is determined to transform the way capital markets operate. It provides strong incentives that encourage users to spend more time trading and exploring different kinds of assets. It’s focused on delivering an enhanced user experience that simplifies the way people buy, sell and manage their crypto portfolios. It also helps to streamline onboarding into the crypto space, with extensive options for buying and selling crypto assets, including bank transfers, wire transfers, multiple payment processors and more.

Another key way in which Blocktrade stands out is that it’s determined to make itself useful in the real world. Through its partnership with SKAi2, it has built a comprehensive payment app that enables any retailer to accept payment in crypto. The Blocktrade mobile app can be used to pay for in-store purchases in more than 60 different cryptocurrencies, with users receiving cashback of at least 5%, depending on the token used for payment, plus up to 25% cashback in the shape of Blocktrade’s native token BTEX.

Participating retailers are required to install SKAi2’s next-generation point-of-sale terminal system that enables them to accept both traditional payments and crypto transactions. In return, they gain the ability to process crypto transactions instantaneously, with the amount paid immediately exchanged for the equivalent value in euros and deposited directly into their Blocktrade account.

By offering the fastest, simplest and safest way yet for retailers to accept crypto payments, Blocktrade is poised to facilitate wider adoption of digital assets by making them suitable for everyday transactions. By the end of the year, it hopes to have Pay with Blocktrade up and running in more than 100,000 merchant stores.


BlockGuard has built a DeFi asset management protocol that embraces a longer term vision for investors. It notably prioritizes stability and consistency ahead of artificially inflamed APY and APR numbers, eliminating the fabricated sell pressure that’s so synonymous with the industry while optimizing asset growth and wealth generation.

The project has developed a cutting-edge business model that integrates its financial markets expertise with the power of blockchain to offer investors a seamless, easy-to-use risk management solution that eliminates much of the confusion and fear associated with DeFi. It’s tools are focused on portfolio creation and management, and it offers access to a number of professionally managed crypto-based funds. In addition, through its recently announced partnership with Pixelette, BlockGuard is also creating a system for tokenized gold.

The partnership promises to make BlockGuard more useful than ever, enabling investors to move seamlessly across traditional and digital assets. Pixelette, which has taken a 5% equity stake in BlockGuard, will take responsibility for building the tokenized gold system, including developing the underlying blockchain for that asset, with a focus on improving security and user experiences.

It’s a timely announcement for BlockGuard, as the SEC’s recent approval of 11 Bitcoin ETFs in the U.S. is likely to facilitate growing institutional interest in digital assets, expanding the total addressable market for its solutions.


Tideplay has emerged as an interesting player in the tokenization industry, offering a unique platform that enables customer reward programs to be tokenized in order to extend their value.

Traditional loyalty programs have always been fairly basic offerings, with limited options for consumers to redeem the points they earn. Tidepay changes this, offering brands the opportunity to give customers blockchain-based rewards that can be exchanged for various products, experiences and more. For instance, brands can easily team up with third-parties to offer access to an increased range of personalized products and services at lower cost.

One of the first brands to utilize Tidepay’s tokenization platform is ATH Vodka. The company has created $ATH tokens that will be awarded to consumers whenever and wherever they purchase one of its products. To join the program, customers must download the ATH Rewards app, which integrates a digital wallet for storing rewards tokens.

The beauty of this offering is that they can be redeemed for many kinds of products, not limited to ATH Vodka’s offerings. The $ATH tokens can even be exchanged directly for an alternative cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin, or gifted to someone else.

Tidepay offers companies the chance to create more flexible and versatile options for their customer rewards’ programs, and it serves as another compelling example of the incredible benefits tokenization can offer.


Founded by the creators of the well-known Ambire Wallet, AdEx is a decentralized and programmatic ad platform that aims to connect brands with crypto users in Web3. The project was initially launched as a traditional ad network that served publishers and advertisers, but is now evolving into a demand-side platform that rewards consumers too.

AdEx is uniquely positioned to do this because of its novel Zero-Knowledge targeting engine, which leverages ZK-proofs to eliminate the need to collect and store user’s browsing histories and shopping data, ensuring it is compliant with privacy laws. With ZK-targeting, AdEx stores all data directly on user’s devices, which means the entire ad targeting and matching process occurs on the device. This ensures that user’s browsing histories remain private and inaccessible to third parties.

In addition, ZK-targeting empowers users with full control over the kinds of ads they want to see. In effect, it means users can choose the kinds of ads they’d like to encounter or even block them entirely, though that would mean they’re ineligible to receive $ADX token rewards for each ad they view. There’s also a staking portal that allows users to stake their $ADX tokens and earn additional rewards.

AdEx says its programmatic advertising system will also enhance overall ad performance, while its decision to target regular publishers in addition to crypto-focused publishers will help to expand the potential audience for advertisers.

All told, AdEx believes it can provide a significant competitive advantage for advertisers while appealing to Web3 natives, catering to unique market demands with its novel solutions.


RocketX is a novel project that aims to unite the world of blockchains into a single network, so value can be transferred across any two chains in an instant with a single click. The protocol has built its very own dApp for transferring tokens, and it has also created an API that allows it to be integrated with other dApps.

In many ways, RocketX can be thought of as a kind of search engine for crypto, helping users to find the token they want to buy and then purchase it using any other asset. It’s similar in many ways to a DEX aggregator, and that means it can tap into the liquidity of hundreds of centralized and decentralized exchange platforms. The project claims to have access to more than $100 billion in global liquidity, ensuring it can provide some of the most competitive exchange rates in the business. In addition, users can select which trading venues they want to access, which allows them to prioritize transactions based on factors such as slippage, processing time and protection against MEV.

With the recent launch of the RocketX API, developers can integrate the RocketX experience into any dApp, allowing their users to buy and sell cryptocurrencies without having to exit their platform.

RocketX says it aggregates more than 250 DEXs and CEXs across 113 blockchains, providing access to almost the entire crypto market. It offers up-to-date prices to more than 15,000 cryptocurrency tokens in total, and its service is non-custodial, so users will never lose control of their funds.

In addition, RocketX users can guarantee their privacy by only trading within the daily limits of any CEX platform. By doing this, there’s no need to pass the platform’s KYC process. However, if users are okay with going through KYC, they can enjoy an unrestricted trading experience across any platform. The great thing is, users will only need to perform KYC once to access all of the CEXs it supports.


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