8 Best Altcoins to Invest In Now If The Next Crypto Bull Run Begins In Winter 2023


With anticipation building ahead of the April 2024 Bitcoin halving, eager investors are stacking high-potential altcoins while the prices are still low. Yet, with the crypto markets constantly evolving, it can be challenging to determine the best ones to buy now.

This article breaks down the best altcoins to invest in today with the highest upside potential.

Ethereum-Based Bitcoin Minetrix Lets Users Earn Bitcoin Through Staking $BTCMTX

The best-performing projects are often the ones that present a one-of-a-kind use case that solves a prevalent issue. Bitcoin Minetrix ($BTCMTX) does just that, enabling users to mine Bitcoin by staking $BTCMTX tokens on its Ethereum-based platform.

What’s more, the project is currently in presale, presenting investors with an opportunity to buy at a massively discounted rate before it hits the open market.

Considering the rising institutional interest in Bitcoin from firms like BlackRock, Citadel, and Fidelity, Bitcoin Minetrix’s novel use case could entail unprecedented bull market gains.

The project is based on a cloud mining premise. Users stake $BTCMTX tokens, earn mining credits in return, and burn those mining credits on the platform for cloud mining power, which translates to free Bitcoin.

Thanks to the utility that $BTCMTX holds within the project, traders are rushing to buy the project in anticipation of considerable returns.

Bitcoin Minetrix is currently in presale, having raised $1.7 million in three weeks and quickly selling out of its first stage. Now, investors can buy $BTCMTX for $0.0111 but must hurry as the price is set to rise again soon.

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GameFi Project Meme Kombat Incorporates Crypto Gambling and Staking for Long-Term Potential

Those looking for a project holding viral and long-term potential should consider Meme Kombat  ($MK), a new meme coin cross GameFi crypto that incorporates sophisticated crypto casino mechanics for an immersive experience.

The project lets users gamble on the outcomes of AI-generated battles between popular meme characters. It features various game modes and will release new seasons with different characters and battle types. Users will gamble and generate rewards in the $MK token, providing real utility.

The presale has surged past $570K, with investors drawn to its unique concept and lucrative staking rewards. Meme Kombat offers a 112% staking annual percentage yield (APY), enabling investors to earn lucrative rewards for an asset that could explode in price.

Also, Its staking mechanism means many tokens will be locked up. Therefore, $MK will be highly scarce, bolstering its price potential.

50% of $MK tokens will be available in the presale, with another 10% earmarked for DEX liquidity, 30% for staking and battle rewards, and 10% for community rewards. This puts all the tokens in the hands of the community, ensuring price stability and making the project truly decentralized.

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TG Casino GambleFi Token Boasts Unique Buyback Mechanism and Offers 25% Cashback on Loses

TG Casino ($TGC) is a new anonymous casino launched on the Telegram app. This makes it accessible to Telegram’s one billion users worldwide, putting it in popular demand with crypto investors.

Furthermore, it is one of only a couple of fully licensed Telegram casinos, providing users with peace of mind that the platform is safe to use.

It is in its presale and has raised $1.1 million so far. The presale is currently in stage two after a quick first-round sellout.

The platform offers hundreds of games and sportsbook events for users to gamble on, and they can do this hassle-free thanks to its innovative use case. Users do not even need to create an account to get started; they simply visit the Telegram app and connect their wallet.

Another benefit is the countless advantages to the $TGC token, ranging from exclusive rewards and access to special rooms and games to 25% cashback on all losses.

Yet the feature generating the most interest is its buyback mechanism. This will repurchase $TGC from the open market with a portion of the casino’s profits, distributing 60% to staking rewards and burning 40%. Its purpose is to bolster token demand while reducing supply.

The next presale round ends in three days, so investors looking for the best price must not wait around.

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International Bridge Currency XRP Looks Set to Defeat SEC in Court and Fulfill Its Potential

After a turbulent legal battle against the SEC, XRP looks set for success as a court denied the SEC’s request to appeal a verdict in which Ripple Labs notched a partial victory. The court ruled XRP not a security, making it the only cryptocurrency to be proven as such in a court of law.

Given its positioning as an international payments bridge currency, the verdict provides tremendous price potential.

The trial is expected to continue in April 2024, but if an earlier crypto bull run ensues, the optimistic market sentiment will undoubtedly skyrocket its price.

Currently, XRP is priced at $0.48 with a $26 billion market cap, down from highs of $0.82 following its partial victory. However, the price has been in an uptrend recently, making higher highs and higher lows, indicating significant bullish momentum.

Go-To Ethereum DEX Uniswap Retains On-Chain Market Share for Ethereum Transactions

Despite being Ethereum’s number one decentralized exchange (DEX), Uniswap’s price has suffered significantly, falling 91% from its ATH.

However, as the bull market commences and network activity picks up, Uniswap’s platform will fare in high demand, likely causing the price of its token to surge again.

What’s more, the platform has also integrated prominent Ethereum layer 2 blockchains like Arbitrum and Polygon, meaning it will also benefit from activity on those chains.

The UNI token is used for governance. This is of significant interest to many prominent players given DeFi’s growing popularity and the likes of BlackRock and Citadel experimenting with the technology.

Currently, Uniswap holds a price of $3.91 and a $2.25 billion market cap. Its price is down 11% in the last month and 37% in the last year. As such, this could present the perfect time to buy while the price is low ahead of the next bull market.

Bear Market Sensation Pepe Is Trading at Significant Discount After Months of Sell Pressure

Those looking for a high-risk, high-reward crypto to invest in could consider Pepe. The project gained tremendous steam earlier in the bull market, but this has since faded, with the price down 84% from its all-time high (ATH).

While there is no guarantee it will recover, an imminent crypto bull run would bolster its chances. What’s more, its massive discount provides considerable upside potential and may make it worth the risk for some investors.

The project has sold off significantly in recent months after supposed ex-team members stole $15 million from the project’s multi-signature wallet. This damaged investors’ confidence, but efforts from the remaining Pepe team members seem to have regained the community’s trust, with the price showing signs of a recovery.

The price is $0.00000064 but has found support at the $0.0000006 area after bouncing to $0.0000007 this week.

Oracle Provider Chainlink Expands to Cross-Chain Interoperability

Chainlink is an oracle network providing decentralized feeds for on- and off-chain data to cryptocurrency projects. Its main use case has been providing price data to exchanges, but there are many more potential utilities that solve real-world issues.

Furthermore, it has recently launched the Chainlink Cross-Chain Interoperability Protocol (CCIP), which tackles blockchain’s pressing interoperability problem.

CCIP provides a secure and decentralized way to transfer data and liquidity cross-chain. This has historically proved a central point of failure in crypto, with many users relying on cross-chain bridges, which have fallen victim to exploits countless times.

CCIP’s decentralized network of nodes bolsters security and reimagines cross-chain interoperability. This newfound utility for such a prevalent issue could see Chainlink explode once the bull market takes off.

Currently, Chainlink holds a price of $7.43 and a market cap of $4.1 billion. Its price is 86% lower than its ATH of $52, which it reached in May 2021.

Top Meme Coin Shiba Inu Has 1.3 Million Holders and Develops Ethereum Layer 2 Network

After enjoying an unprecedented pump in 2021, Shiba Inu’s price has decreased significantly, leading many critics to write the project off. However, the team recently launched a much-anticipated development in its ecosystem: Shibarium, an Ethereum layer 2 network.

Shibarium will enable users to carry out transactions quicker and cheaper than on Ethereum while benefiting from the easy flow of liquidity and using the same wallet as on Ethereum.

As such, Shiba Inu now rivals other prominent layer 2’s except with the distinct advantage of an already significant community. Shiba Inu currently has over 1.3 million holders, providing a massive potential user base.


With this in mind, the network may begin to thrive as users will attract developers, which could lead to significant innovation.

The project holds a $4 billion market cap and is priced at $0.000006877, down 92% from its ATH and 33% in the last year. With such a discount, the price potential is significant if the broader market rallies.


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