Ago raises $2.5 million to make DeFi accessible to all


Imagine a unique application that brings together the best of traditional and decentralized finance, all in the palm of your hand. That’s the promise of Ago, an innovative platform that aims to make finance accessible to everyone thanks to the power of blockchain. Take a behind-the-scenes look with Coinpri at this fast-growing French startup, which already raised 2.5 million dollars and is poised to shake up the codes of finance as we know it.

Ago, tomorrow’s finance, today

Ago‘s vision is simple: to radically transform the financial sector by unleashing the full potential of blockchain technology. The aim is to create a sustainable, fair and transparent financial model.

To achieve this, Ago eliminates unnecessary intermediaries, guaranteeing total transparency of every transaction without compromising security. This approach significantly reduces costs compared to traditional financial services, giving users absolute control over their finances and actively involving them in the financial ecosystem.

As is often the case behind every ambitious project, a talented team is at work, and Ago‘s is no exception. With over ten years’ experience in the finance sector, the team members have collaborated with renowned financial institutions, investment funds, and even participated in the creation of one of the first real estate tokenization platforms.

Drawing on these experiences, they have set themselves the mission of overcoming the deficiencies of the traditional financial system by developing an innovative ecosystem that puts the interests of its users first.

Backed by this vision and its skilled team, Ago stands out as a forerunner, paving the way towards a more equitable financial future. Thanks to an easy-to-use platform, every individual can manage his or her money with complete autonomy and security, embodying the promise of finance accessible to all.

An all-in-one platform to simplify your operations

Whether you’re a seasoned trader or a curious neophyte, Ago opens the door to a wide range of financial services. The centerpiece is its Decentralized Exchange (DEX) which offers a huge choice of over 1000 trading pairs. Thanks to Ago, you can finally say goodbye to the exorbitant fees that used to tarnish your cryptocurrency trading experience.

But the real strength of Ago lies in its system for bridging traditional and digital currencies. Thanks to its ergonomic interface “On-ramp/Off-ramp“, buying your first Bitcoins or Ethers becomes child’s play.

Ago has thought of everything to make your life easier, offering you a multitude of payment options to suit your preferences: credit card, bank transfer, but also Apple Pay or Google Pay. Whatever your preferred method, you’re bound to find what you need to take your first steps into the captivating world of crypto assets with complete peace of mind.

The AGO token, the driving force behind dazzling growth

Since its launch in early 2024, Ago experienced an exceptional growth of 1000%. The platform has indeed built up a dynamic and committed community of more than 10,000 users, won over by its innovative approach and its promise of fairer, more transparent finance.

This impressive momentum is largely due to the AGO token. Essential for settling transactions on the platform, the AGO offers its holders a host of exclusive advantages, including discounts of up to 18% on fees.

Holders are also rewarded, with 1% of fees redistributed and an attractive staking model. What’s more, the community is actively involved in governance via the Ago DAO, guaranteeing transparent, collaborative management of the platform.

But the benefits don’t stop there! 80% of revenues generated by Ago are redistributed to AGO token holders, while the remaining 20% is allocated to the ongoing development of the platform. This business model guarantees sustainable growth and optimal alignment of the interests of all stakeholders. An initiative that we at Coinpri applaud.

Furthermore, the AGO token also owns a deflationary economic model. This guarantees an increasing token value over the long term. In parallel, Ago has opted for decentralized governance, in order to put users at the heart of strategic decisions.

By buying and holding AGO tokens, you’re not just investing in a promising digital asset. You become a real player in this exciting revolution in decentralized finance.

An Ambitious project to democratize DeFi

Ago is not resting on its laurels and plans to push boundaries even further. Building on the success of its IBAN-enabled Visa card, which has already attracted more than 10,000 users in the pre-order phase, the project is set to revolutionize your daily life by simplifying the management of your digital assets.

That’s already a big thing, but there’s more to come:

  • As early as 2024, the long-awaited launch of the Ago Card, an IBAN-backed card that makes it easy to spend your cryptos in your daily life
  • The listing of the AGO token on leading external exchange platforms, starting with PancakeSwap, to increase the liquidity and visibility of this promising digital asset.
  • The establishment of liquidity and staking pools to offer AGO holders new opportunities for returns.
  • Deployment of a Launchpad to enable the community to participate in the ecosystem’s most innovative projects.

In 2025, Ago will reach a new milestone by offering cryptocurrency lending solutions, as well as the tokenization of real assets such as real estate. A major breakthrough that will pave the way for unprecedented democratization of investment and effective diversification of your digital wealth.

These are just some of the innovations that will make Ago your essential partner for accompanying you on the road to financial independence and making the most of the opportunities offered by decentralized finance.

Join the Ago adventure now and benefit from an exclusive airdrop!

To thank you for your interest and allow you to discover our ecosystem, Ago has set up a generous airdrop program. This is the perfect opportunity to receive your first AGO tokens and take part in this revolution in decentralized finance!

To take advantage of the program, simply:

  1. Join the Ago community on Telegram to chat with the team, follow the latest project news and take part in exclusive events.
  2. Participate in campaigns airdrop on Zealy and Galxe to increase your rewards and community involvement.
  3. Link your Metamask to the Ago platform and carry out your first transactions to definitively validate your participation in airdrop and enjoy all the benefits reserved for early adopters.

Ago embodies perfectly the promise of decentralized finance that is both efficient and accessible. As you’ve seen with Coinpri, by harmoniously blending the advantages of blockchain with the services favored by the public, the platform is positioning itself as a key player in the democratization of DeFi. So don’t wait any longer for DYOR and get your airdrop !


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