B2BinPay Unveils Instant Swaps Feature and Expands Blockchain Support in v19 Release


The team at B2BinPay, a popular blockchain payment system, has unveiled a new v19 update, delivering a set of new features, such as instant swaps and expanded support for various blockchains, in addition to a range of interface enhancements. Let’s check what’s new in detail.

Immediate Crypto Swaps and Fair Rates through VWAP

Swaps are a popular way of effectively transferring cryptocurrency assets. They avoid order books, unlike standard exchanges, delivering direct, on-the-spot transactions of various coins and tokens.

What sets B2BinPay’s new swap feature apart is the implementation of the VWAP (Volume-Weighted Average Price) tool, which allows for automatic selection of the best available token price from various centralised venues based on transaction volume. As a result, clients do not have to manually compare prices across different exchanges as algorithms do all the work for them, delivering the most advantageous rates quickly and effortlessly.

Furthermore, this upgrade eliminates two commission costs associated with using traditional exchanges for clients using swaps – the transaction fee to the centralised exchange and from the exchange to the B2BinPay wallet.

The swap feature can be accessed through the Swaps tab of the main menu. The swaps are carried out through separate swap wallets.

Streamlined Transactions & Zero Commission for Wallet Funding

In the latest version, v19, the top-up process has been customised to cater to varying user needs. Users of digital wallets enjoy swift transactions for rapid fund transfers, while blockchain wallet users’ data are secured and transparent through blockchain technology. All top-ups, however, must be in the wallet’s denominated currency.

While the commission is not charged for topping up swap wallets from B2BinPay accounts, blockchain wallet users may be charged for on-chain transactions.

Broadened Blockchain Integration Featuring Polygon and Avalanche

B2BinPay’s latest update includes support for the popular Polygon and Avalanche blockchains. This addition expands the platform’s range of stablecoin transaction options to include some of the most widely used cryptocurrencies, such as TUSD, USDT, USDC, DAI, FRAX, and EUROC, on new networks.

The inclusion of Polygon brings scalability and low transaction fees to B2BinPay users, making it an attractive choice for efficient transactions. Similarly, Avalanche’s high throughput and rapid processing times provide a powerful platform for swift transfers. With these two blockchains now integrated into B2BinPay, users can expect lower fees and faster transactions.

Closing Thoughts

In conclusion, the latest B2BinPay version 19 release marks a significant step forward for the company, allowing its clients to access more blockchains and digital assets and conduct instant exchanges with swaps.

The team behind B2BinPay is now working on reducing fees in future updates, ensuring that their solution remains accessible and adaptable to the ever-evolving demands of the industry. B2BinPay is committed to providing top-notch services and remaining at the forefront of innovation in crypto processing.

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