Best Meme Coins to Buy for Altcoin Season This Quarter


With the next crypto bull run seemingly within arms reach, meme coins could experience tremendous growth in the coming months. However, not all meme coins will make it big.

This article explores the top five that could explode this year. We consider factors like market cap, community, and market trends and include some new meme coins with high potential.

Meme Kombat: Multi-Purpose Meme Coin Currently in Presale Having Raised $1.6M

Meme Kombat is our pick for the best meme coin to buy in 2023 overall. There are multiple reasons for this, mainly that it blends the viral allure of meme coins with the ongoing trend of play to earn crypto gaming, or ‘GameFi’.

The project enables users to gamble on the outcome of AI-generated battles between meme coin characters. There are multiple game modes and gambling mechanisms, making for an exhilarating experience.

Yet, in typical meme coin fashion, the project significantly emphasizes community participation. It features a dynamic staking mechanism with a high annual percentage yield (APY) in the triple digits.

This new meme coin project is also currently on presale, and has raised $1.6 million in just over one month. This illustrates a significant interest from the community, which could potentially translate to high price potential after its IEO.

50% of tokens will be available throughout the presale, with 10% allocated to DEX liquidity, 30% to staking and battle rewards, and 10% to community rewards.

Investors can buy $MK for $0.189, although act fast as there are incremental price increases during the ICO phase.

Visit Meme Kombat Presale

Dogecoin: Leading Meme Coin by Market Cap and Community

Another strong candidate for the best meme coin to buy now is Dogecoin. The reason for this is that it boasts the largest market cap and the community among all meme coins.

With this in mind, Dogecoin may be a safer bet since it is more well-established than the other meme coins on this list.

However, it has yet to gain as much traction as other meme projects in recent months.

Yet it has started gathering pace, up almost 30% this month. This could indicate a shifting momentum for Dogecoin, enabling it to pump significantly in the coming months.

Dogecoin holds a $10 billion market cap, priced at just under $0.08. This is -89% from its May 2021 all-time high of $0.7376, giving room for almost a 10x from its current price.

Another important consideration is that it has the backing of Elon Musk. What’s more, Musk recently stated that none of his companies would create a cryptocurrency. While this may seem bearish, it may simply be that he prefers to integrate Dogecoin as a means of payment into his multitude of businesses.

ETF The Token: GambleFi Meme Coin Enabling Investors to Wager on the Upcoming Bitcoin ETF Approvals

Another project aiming to blur the lines between betting and meme coins is ETF The Token. However, the project boasts an added twist of harnessing the limitless potential of the upcoming Bitcoin ETF approvals for maximum reach and awareness.

The project features “betting vaults,” where users can wager $ETF tokens on various ETF application outcomes like “Will the SEC formally approve ANY BTC spot ETF application in 2023?”.

However, the platform also offers market-related betting options like “Will the US CPI September YoY data released 13th October 2023 exceed the projected 3.6%?”.

This provides an exciting and engaging way for users to earn crypto. Moreover, tying in with market events could entice users, given its increased predictability compared to casino or sports betting.

ETH The Token also features an “ETF approval game,” where users can wager $ETF tokens and then partake in a game to earn more crypto.

This unique concept has drawn significant interest, mainly due to its relation to the significance of the ongoing Bitcoin ETF applications. It’s also benefitted from an association with top traders like Zoran Kole and CryptoISO.

The interest is reflected in its price, and $ETF is currently sitting at a $5 million market cap currently, since launching in September and currently testing its October high.

Bitcoin ETF Token: Bitcoin ETF-Focused Meme Coin With Staking Utility and Burning

Another meme coin leveraging the prominent Bitcoin ETF craze is Bitcoin ETF Token. The project blends several ETF-focused utilities, enabling users to generate rewards without gambling, unlike with ETF The Token.

Users can stake their $BTCETF tokens for passive rewards. Presale investors can earn a 2,300% APY, but they must hurry because the yield will decrease as the staking pool size grows.

It also features a burn mechanism that corresponds with key Bitcoin ETF events. 5% of its total supply will be burned at five key milestones throughout the Bitcoin ETF process. This will create scarcity when hype and euphoria are highest, translating to significant upside potential.

However, the project is more than a financial instrument; it is a movement and celebration of Bitcoin ETFs and the mass adoption they may bring. The Bitcoin ETF Token website features a news section that updates users on the latest market events.

Meanwhile, the Bitcoin ETF Token Twitter also regularly updates followers on important occurrences. Ultimately, the project aims to generate a tight-knit community, all focused on the end goal of Bitcoin ETF approval.

Currently, it is in its stage one presale, priced at $0.005. This presents the lowest ever $BTCETF price, but buyers must be quick as it will rise in two days.

Pepe: Trending Meme Coin With Significantly Lower Market Cap than SHIB and DOGE

Alongside Dogecoin and Shiba Inu, Pepe is a meme coin market leader. However, the project has experienced substantially more hype and community activity in recent months. For instance, Pepe regularly appears on CoinMarketCap’s top trending list, while Dogecoin and Shiba Inu rarely pop up.

That said, the project currently holds a significantly lower market cap, at $482 million, while Dogecoin is at $10 billion and Shiba Inu is at $4.8 billion.

Given the looming crypto bull run and the price potential of both DOGE and SHIB, this could result in unprecedented gains for Pepe.

Pepe suffered a substantial sell-off after peaking at a $1.8 billion market cap in May. Yet, it has recovered a notable portion of its losses over the past month, climbing over 80%.

This indicates its growing bullish momentum, but its relatively low market cap leaves lots more room for growth.


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