Best New Crypto To Buy Now As Bitcoin Price Hits $42,000 Level, Is Altcoin Season Next

Bitcoin has recently touched its highest price since mid-2022, currently trading at $41.5K. This week, it has climbed 12% after breaking its contested $38K resistance.

However, Bitcoin’s bullishness opens the door to significant pumps for lower market cap projects as liquidity trickles down the industry. Ethereum will be first in line to capture this liquidity, but trending low-cap cryptos like Bitcoin ETF Token and Bitcoin Minetrix could benefit even more.

Altcoin Season Nears as Bitcoin Dominance Approaches Resistance

Bitcoin is up 139% in the last year, while many other top cryptos have also pumped. This is pushing prices towards all-time highs (ATHs), indicating that the bull run is upon us.

Looking ahead, one of the most lucrative elements of a crypto bull run is an altcoin season, where Bitcoin dominance decreases as altcoin prices significantly outpace the market leader.

These periods can render outlandish gains for those who invest early, marking altcoin season as the most anticipated part of a bull run.

Bitcoin’s rally has propelled its market share, with Bitcoin dominance climbing from 40% in October 2022 to 54% today.

The chart above shows that Bitcoin dominance broke a resistance level of around 49% in June and began to surge following a retest. The next potential resistance level is around 58%, where Bitcoin dominance may pull back and allow altcoins to surge.

Based on the time it took to get from 49% to 54%, it could take approximatley four months for this to occur.

Interestingly, this aligns with the timescale of the Bitcoin halving and Bitcoin ETF approvals, both factors widely anticipated to drive significant amounts of liquidity into the market.

Analyst HORSE also forecasts that a parabolic altcoin season will occur following the Bitcoin ETF approvals. The SEC is expected to make decisions on the ETFs in January, with market consensus being that they will be approved.

HORSE anticipates alt season to significantly overshadow the altcoins pumps we have seen so far, stating that “what we have seen already will look like a rounding error.”

Should this occur, we could see altcoins yield eye-watering gains in the months ahead. With that in mind, our top picks for the best three to buy now are Ethereum, Bitcoin ETF Token, and Bitcoin Minetrix. Let’s now explore each and consider why they could pump.


Ethereum is the second largest cryptocurrency after Bitcoin. Its market cap and relative price stability make it a viable Bitcoin alternative for the more conservative crypto investors. Moreover, it boasts unique advantages over Bitcoin in utility and tokenomics.

It boasts better utility than Bitcoin because Ethereum powers smart contracts and decentralized applications, and Ether is the primary currency for transferring value within the ecosystem.

One analogy to differentiate Bitcoin and Ethereum is that if Bitcoin is similar to digital gold, then Ethereum is like digital oil.

Ethereum’s price has performed well recently, up 9% this week, 16% this month and 71% this year.

Another advantage to Ethereum is its EIP-1559, which saw a burn mechanism implemented into the network, destroying a small part of each transaction fee. This essentially makes Ethereum a deflationary token, earning it the title “ultra-sound money.”

The last factor hinting at significant upside potential for Ethereum is the Ethereum ETF narrative. BlackRock applied for an Ethereum ETF in November, helping spike the asset’s price.

If approved, as well as injecting significant new liquidity into the ecosystem, an Ethereum ETF will help legitimize the asset, potentially making it one of only two cryptocurrencies with an ETF alongside Bitcoin.

Bitcoin ETF Token

While Ethereum undoubtedly holds strong upside potential, one crypto that could explode much more is Bitcoin ETF Token. As predicted by HORSE, the Bitcoin ETF approvals could set the next alt season in motion, and this project looks primed to benefit the most.

Bitcoin ETF Token is a new presale that rewards holders in line with Bitcoin ETF advancements. The project has set five Bitcoin ETF milestones and will burn 5% of its total supply at each. This creates a sense of scarcity while the hype is highest, potentially equating to massive price potential.

It also features a 5% burn tax on transactions, which will reduce by 1% at each milestone.

Another cornerstone feature is the project’s staking mechanism, which currently offers a 99% APY. Presale buyers can begin staking immediately, but they should hurry as the APY decreases as the staking pool grows.

Bitcoin ETF Token also aims to foster an active and engaged community through its Bitcoin ETF alerts. This is a news feed on its website, updating readers on the latest Bitcoin occurrences.

These factors create a unique blend of cutting-edge tokenomics, utility, and positioning at the forefront of a prevalent trend, all signs of a successful project.

Investors can buy $BTCETF for $0.0062 but must hurry as its price will increase incrementally throughout the presale.

Bitcoin Minetrix

Another emerging Bitcoin-related project is Bitcoin Minetrix. This crypto offers a truly compelling use case aiming to reshape the Bitcoin mining industry.

With Bitcoin Minetrix, users can cloud mine Bitcoin by staking $BTCMTX on its Ethereum-based platform.

It works by users staking $BTMTX in exchange for Bitcoin mining credits. They can then burn these credits on the platform for cloud mining power, translating to free Bitcoin.

This removes the main barriers to entry of Bitcoin mining, like hardware and technical expertise requirements, and essentially pushes the industry toward mass adoption.

Moreover, the project does a brilliant job of capturing this value through the $BTCMTX token. Users require it for staking, and rewards are paid out in mining credits. This creates compelling supply and demand dynamics, which could contribute to significant price potential.

Bitcoin Minetrix’s innovative use case has drawn many top analysts to rally behind it. One of those is Jacob Bury, who recently speculated it could 10x after its IEO. Meanwhile, No Bs Crypto is even more bullish, forecasting it holds 100x potential.

The project is currently undergoing a presale, having raised over $4.8 million in just over two months. Investors can buy $BTCMTX at for $0.012, but this will discount price will rise in just over one day.

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