Bet Bullish on Uniswap, Raboo, and AAVE


Cryptocurrency prices have gone through several corrections over the last couple of weeks but the bull market still roars on as investor sentiment remains strong. This is evident in the recent successes exhibited by top DeFi coins.

Uniswap (UNI) and AAVE recorded surging interest, making them attractive to crypto investors. At the same time, investors are bullish on Raboo (RABT), an upcoming AI-powered crypto token set to take the crypto world by storm. It’s still in presale, and investors can’t get enough of it as crypto analysts expect it to be 100x in 2024.

Uniswap Volumes Swell in Spite of SEC Scare

Over the last couple of years, Uniswap has emerged to be one of the top DeFi coins, offering users the ability to trade and swap crypto tokens and NFTs via liquidity pools powered by smart contracts.

Shortly after this landmark achievement, Uniswap was served a Wells notice by the Security Exchange Commission (SEC), signaling a declaration of war on the platform by the United States authorities. This usually heralds the crumbling of crypto exchanges but since Uniswap is decentralized in nature, the odds of that happening are quite low.

As a result, investors remain bullish about the platform, and despite the notice, Uniswap has achieved a milestone of $2 trillion in total volume since its launch in 2018. Uniswap (UNI) price is still volatile but the situation is believed to be temporary and expected to improve soon.

Raboo: A Groundbreaking Entrance Into the DeFi Space

Raboo is a project borne out of meme culture, artificial intelligence, and decentralized finance via SocialFi. It focuses majorly on building a strong community, which is an essential ingredient for any cryptocurrency project that wants to ride the crypto bull market and be a success in the short and long term.

Launched on Ethereum, the biggest smart contracts platform today, Raboo creates a space where like-minded crypto enthusiasts can connect and earn. This incentivizes users to participate in the community, putting Raboo on the path to greatness and profitability.

Furthermore, RABT holders will get access to NFTs minted by the platform’s cutting-edge AI technology. This solidifies its position as one of the top DeFi coins to invest in now.

Recent AAVE Collaborations Boost Investor Confidence

AAVE is another DeFi platform that has gained attention recently. Aave is set to launch on layer-2 platforms Optimism and Arbitrium, and Aave’s social media protocol Lens acquired the NFT mobile game Sonar. These developments are indicative of Aave’s upward trajectory, so understandably, investors would have their eye on it.

The best investment in the crypto bull market

As the crypto bull market progresses, investors look to the top DeFi coins for opportunities. And RABT overshadows AAVE and Uniswap in this regard. Its presale has moved on to stage 2, and the token is available for an entry price of just $0.0036. It is expected to grow by 233% by the time the presale ends and probably do 100X once it lists on major exchanges.

You can participate in the Raboo presale here.

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