Bitcoin Has Regained the $38k Level As Pepe Clears Loses

Bitcoin has resumed its rally, with its price regaining the $38,000 resistance. The bullish sentiment has been shared across the crypto market, with the Pepe Coin clearing off losses. Learn about these trends and other new altcoins shaking up the crypto space.

Bitcoin Regained the $38K Level After Bullish Fed Statement

Over the past week, Bitcoin cryptocurrency faced challenges in breaking through the $38,000 level. This led to a phase of relatively stable, unchanged movement.

However, recent Bitcoin news revealed that Bitcoin has resumed its upward trend. It has managed to climb above the $38,000 mark per coin. This rise followed the bullish remarks made by the Federal Reserve. Christopher J. Waller, a governor of the Federal Reserve, indicated a potential decrease in the rate of inflation growth.

This comment has favorably influenced bitcoin’s price.  According to Coincodex’s Bitcoin price prediction, the price of Bitcoin is predicted to rise by 5.96% and reach $39,397.

Pepe (PEPE) Clears Up Weekly Losses

Recently, Pepe Coin (PEPE) moved back into the top 100 cryptos by market capitalization. According to Pepe CoinMarketCap data, the meme coin has a market cap of over $461 million. This placed Pepe meme coin as the 98th largest meme coin in the crypto market.

Despite this ranking, Pepe cryptocurrency failed to overturn its month-long decline. The token had been on a bearish run after it lost its gains from the Uptober rally. Meanwhile, it has reversed its weekly losses as it jumped from a seven-day low of $0.00000105 to a seven-day high of $0.00000118.

The Pepe Coin price prediction from many analysts has been bullish. They have forecasted the price of Pepe crypto to rise by 10.05% to $ 0.000001205 in the coming weeks.

Everlodge (ELDG) To Rally After 150% Gain

Everlodge (ELDG) has recently shown encouraging developments for December. The optimism surrounding Everlodge is based on the rapid adoption of the project. Everlodge has focused on revolutionizing the way people can own real estate. The innovative approach means that you don’t need a large amount of funds to own a luxurious beachfront vacation home.

To make this possible, Everlodge plans to convert these real estate properties into digital NFTs and fractionalize them. The primary goal here is to make access to these properties more accessible. Therefore, with as little as $100, a larger number of people can now own a portion of these properties.


Everlodge’s platform has created opportunities for people to invest in properties across the world. Adding to the excitement, early purchasers of ELDG tokens have a chance to win a vacation to the Maldives. At this moment, Everlodge has reached stage seven of its presale, with the price of one ELDG token being valued at $0.025.

Those who invested early have already seen a 150% return on their investment. The growth has been forecasted to continue, with ELDG setting a high of $0.50 by Q1 2024. This prediction is based on factors such as Everlodge’s low market capitalization and its robust ties to the real estate sector. Both factors are seen as key drivers for potential price pumps.


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