Bitcoin’s 10% Surge as Green Bitcoin Crosses $1 Million – What Will Traders Buy Next?


Recently, Bitcoin has made an impressive surge of over 10%, breaching the $57,000 price mark. This recent gain has spread excitement around the crypto community, renewing investors’ hope that a coming bull run is at hand. However, Bitcoin isn’t the only crypto causing quite the show in the crypto market.

Green Bitcoin, a new altcoin, is also making waves concurrently as it crosses $1 million in its ongoing presale event. While Bitcoin remains the dominant king in the market, attention has shifted to Green Bitcoin’s potential for exponential growth. How so? Despite Bitcoin’s spirited ascent to newer highs, traders can realistically expect 2x to 10x gains from its current price.

On the flip side, Green Bitcoin still has the potential to reach a remarkable 100x surge, which sounds pleasing to traders seeking higher returns in this coming bull run. Traders are contemplating which side to stay on: Bitcoin’s solid performance or Green Bitcoin’s disruptive potential. In today’s post, we’ll explore more details about Green Bitcoin and why you should have this revolutionary token in your portfolio if you seek impressive returns in 2024.

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Green Bitcoin: A Cleaner, Eco-Friendly Alternative to Bitcoin

Over the years, Bitcoin has garnered numerous attention in mainstream media, which has played a key role in its dominance. Yet, there are concerns about its carbon footprint, resulting from its proof-of-work consensus. As such, there is a call for innovative projects that will serve as an alternative to Bitcoin and offer better utilities.

Remarkably, Green Bitcoin steps in with a unique proposition that is eco-friendly without compromising on financial gains. This proposition has led to its recent surge in popularity and presale activity, underscoring the fact that Green Bitcoin can reshape industry dynamics and introduce new trends.

Green Bitcoin commits to sustainability by building its ecosystem on the Ethereum Blockchain. Unlike traditional cryptos that require vast amounts of energy for mining, GBTC operates as a Proof-of-Stake network with minimal energy consumption.

With only 35Wh of energy usage, it achieves a remarkable 10,000-fold reduction in energy consumption compared to the traditional proof-of-work concept. The project also sets a new standard for eco-friendly crypto projects while delivering impressive returns to investors.

Beyond that, Green Bitcoin introduces the gamified green stakes concept into its ecosystem. This concept incentivizes users to predict Bitcoin’s price movements. Through daily predictive challenges, participants stake their GBTC tokens to forecast Bitcoin’s price accurately and earn substantial rewards for correct predictions. This transparent and intuitive staking model not only incentivizes participation but also aligns with the growing demand for sustainable investment options.

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Green Bitcoin’s Presale Event and Tokenomics

Green Bitcoin has quickly gained traction within the crypto community, attracting significant investment and generating excitement among investors. This project has raised over $1.1 million, which further demonstrates strong market interest in its uniqueness. Its presale round offers investors the opportunity to purchase its native token, GBTC, at $0.492.

Furthermore, early participation in GBTC presents a compelling opportunity to capitalize on its potential for exponential growth. With an Annual Percentage Yield (APY) of over 250%, this project attracts investors seeking high returns in the crypto market.

Regarding tokenomics, Green Bitcoin mirrors Bitcoin’s total supply of 21 million. To ensure users get the most out of this project, the GBTC team has made strategic allocations: 40% is allocated to its presale event, 27.5% is reserved towards staking rewards, and another 5% is set aside for community rewards. Also, marketing efforts receive 17.5%; the final 10% is reserved for exchange liquidity.

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Green Bitcoin’s Roadmap and Plans for Long-Term Success

Looking ahead, Green Bitcoin’s roadmap outlines a strategic trajectory emphasizing sustainability and user engagement.

In Phase 1, Green Bitcoin launches its presale, aiming to finance its technology and lay solid groundwork for its future. This presale introduces GBTC tokens at an accessible price point, attracting investors to its ecosystem.

Moving to Phase 2, Green Bitcoin focuses on its token launch strategy, with the aim of listing GBTC tokens on top-tier centralized and decentralized exchanges (CEXs and DEXs). This strategy prioritizes fairness and decentralization, with a portion of the token supply being locked to ensure market stability and a seamless trading experience.

Phase 3 introduces staking rewards and a Bitcoin price prediction game, encouraging user engagement and community participation. By allowing users to stake tokens and predict Bitcoin price movements, Green Bitcoin fosters early user involvement and contributes to community growth.

In Phase 4, Green Bitcoin plans to introduce “Predict to Earn 2.0,” revolutionizing staking predictions with gamification and entertainment. This innovative approach aims to introduce new, exciting features that will continue to innovate and enhance user engagement in the dynamic crypto landscape.

As the crypto market continues to evolve, Green Bitcoin stands out as a pioneering project with the potential to redefine industry norms and pave the way for a more sustainable and inclusive future. Its innovative approach, coupled with its strong community support, positions GBTC as a frontrunner in the quest for innovation and sustainability within the digital asset space.

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How To Buy Green Bitcoin in Five Easy Steps

To purchase Green Bitcoin tokens right now, follow these simple steps:

  • Set Up Your Digital Wallet: Choose a wallet compatible with the Green Bitcoin presale, such as MetaMask. Install MetaMask via or use another supported wallet through Wallet Connect.
  • Purchase ETH or USDT: Buy Ethereum (ETH) or Tether (USDT) from a major exchange and transfer them to your wallet. Some wallets also offer direct purchase options for ETH or USDT.
  • Connect Your Wallet to the Presale: Visit the Green Bitcoin presale page and select “Connect Your Wallet.” Choose your wallet and connect it to the platform.
  • Purchase GBTC: Input the desired amount of ETH or USDT to exchange for GBTC and click “Buy GBTC Tokens.” Follow the prompts to confirm the transaction.
  • Claim Your $GBTC Tokens: After purchasing, your GBTC tokens will be held until the end of the presale. When ready, navigate to the presale website, click “Claim,” and confirm the transaction.

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Look at that! Bitcoin continues to show its strength in the crypto market, potentially signaling a bull run. Yet, Green Bitcoin emerges as a true revolutionary shift in the crypto market, offering a compelling blend of sustainability and profitability. With its innovative staking model, transparent governance, and strong community backing, Green Bitcoin is poised to lead the charge toward a greener and more profitable future.

As traders weigh their options, it is beneficial to side with this promising investment that is sure to revolutionize the crypto space. Endeavor to invest early in GBTC and be a part of a brighter tomorrow with Green Bitcoin.

Disclaimer: The article is provided for educational purposes only. It does not represent the opinions of NewsBTC on whether to buy, sell or hold any investments and naturally investing carries risks. You are advised to conduct your own research before making any investment decisions. Use information provided on this website entirely at your own risk.

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