Create & Launch Your Token Here on Casper Chain in a Few Clicks


With the integration of Team Finance into Casper the process of token creation has become quick and easy. Casper’s approach makes token creation accessible and adaptable, allowing anyone with an idea & business to efficiently build trust and securely launch their project at a faster pace.

Easy Token Creation with Casper & Team Finance Integration

The Casper ecosystem is home to hundreds of diverse projects, partners, and innovative Web3 applications, all utilizing the robust foundation of the Casper blockchain.  At the heart of Casper’s appeal is its future-proof architecture, designed to adapt and thrive in the ever-evolving landscape of blockchain technology. Built with adaptability as a priority, Casper Network ensures that applications built on it stay relevant, regardless of how the digital world shifts and grows.

Via the Team Finance flow you can mint cryptocurrency tokens on 18+ blockchains. With a simple no-code solution, you can deploy your fully-audited token, for free, in minutes with no in-depth developer experience required.

Team Finance includes a powerful range of plug-in features to integrate into your token such as:

  • burn function
  • mint function,
  • and the ability to add token taxes.

How to Mint Your Token on Casper Chain?

To mint your token on Casper blockchain, simply use the Mint function of Team Finance.

  1. Go to Team Finance’s Token Creation page
  2. Start by connecting your wallet
  3. Select the token type
  4. Enter token information such as token name, decimal, and total supply
  5. Review and deploy

That’s all you need to do! In just a few simple steps, you can launch your audited token on Casper. Team Finance’s token minting solution ensures that the created tokens are secure and compatible with Casper’s smart contract infrastructure.

Why Create a Token on Casper Chain?

Casper distinguishes itself as a layer-1 network, uniquely designed with adaptability at its core. This foresight ensures that a token and project not only thrive in the present but also remain relevant for decades to come. As the world evolves, so does Casper to seamlessly align with changing conditions and technological advancements.

A key feature of Casper is its CEP-78 dynamic NFT standard, showcasing the network’s exceptional adaptability. The standard allows for the upgradeability of NFTs, providing flexibility for NFT creators and owners to adapt their assets in response to changing needs or opportunities, which includes Smart Financial Contracts.

What else is possible through this integration?

  1. Secure Your Tokens with Custom Locks

Initiate your project with confidence by locking your team tokens and/or liquidity pool (LP) tokens for a set period. Team Finance & Casper simplifies this process, offering an intuitive and transparent method to instantly establish custom token locks.

  1. Automated Token Distribution

Efficiently manage how your tokens are allocated to investors with our automated vesting system. Design a schedule that aligns with your project’s roadmap, ensuring a fair and organized distribution. This service includes an easy-to-use claim dashboard, enabling investors to clearly understand the vesting schedule and claim their tokens as they become available.

  1. Foster Your Community’s Growth

Keeping your community informed and engaged is as important as launching your token. Leverage The Crypto App to maintain this connection. With Casper’s integration into The Crypto App, any Casper-listed tokens on CoinGecko are also trackable within the app. This feature provides your community with a convenient tool to monitor their portfolios and the ongoing performance of their tokens.

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