Crypto, Art, and Innovation Come Together at Most Monumental Digital Art Collaboration in the Crypto Industry


Combining art and digital technologies, Dubai rises as a center of digital art with the largest-ever exposition masterminded by Uminers, a major mining company, and graphic artist Sandra Kowalskii. More than 166 square meters of digital art pieces in the VIP area at the Blockchain Life 2024, as well as a 6-meter panorama and a second-floor screen shift visitors to an exquisite world of cryptocurrency mining and art.

The design of the exhibition space was enriched with monumental digital art pieces as a part of the collaboration between Uminers, Blockchain Life’s main sponsor, and Sandra Kowalskii, whose works was showcased in London, Amsterdam, Nice, Los Angeles, Limassol, Dusseldorf, Barcelona, gracing the homes of business magnates, celebrities, and digital company offices. Uminers’ futuristic booth at the exhibition is also adorned with digital animated paintings by Kowalskii making it a point of attraction both crypto mining enthusiasts, art lovers, and fans of hidden meanings.

“The partnership between Uminers and Sandra Kowalskii at Blockchain Life 2024 symbolizes a milestone in the integration of art with the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry. Through this collaboration, Uminers demonstrates its commitment to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in crypto”, Uminers said.

All digital art pieces showcased in the exhibition space at Blockchain Life 2024 in Dubai are centered in three narrative lines, involving technologies, space, and love.

Uminers is a diversified mining company with offices in Guangzhou, UAE, and the USA. Uminers is a major mining equipment vendor, partnering with leading manufacturers such as BITMAIN and MicroBT. The company also operates data centers with a total capacity of 90 MW, with plans to enhance it to 350 MW by 2025.

“Through this project, we aimed to make a bold statement about the future of crypto and our place in it. At Uminers, we have a deep belief in the potential of mining technologies and cryptocurrencies. We are driven by a desire to lead the mining industry, set new standards, offer the most innovative and appealing solutions on the market. That bullish vision inspired us from the start,” Uminers team shared.

“The idea for the project was conceived by the president of Uminers. Initially, we intended to make something centered around space, but as the work evolved, I developed the idea for a grand-scale project. The core goal was to illustrate the role and significance of mining equipment. We needed to devise a way to show through art that anyone can become successful. In the cryptocurrency world, this journey is referred to as ‘to the moon,’” Sandra explained.

The Blockchain Life Forum is one of the biggest events in the cryptocurrency and blockchain events in the whole world. In 2024, Blockchain Life is scheduled to take place in the vibrant city of Dubai on 15 and 16 of April. Blockchain Life 2024 is expected to bring together over 7000 visitors and industry professionals from 120 countries, including Justin Sun, TRON founder; Paolo Ardoino, CEO of Tether; Stephan Lutz, CEO and CFO at BitMEX; Rachel Conlan, CMO at Binance, etc.


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