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The dream of every crypto investor is to find the right projects to invest in to become a millionaire. We all know the stories behind Bitcoin, Shiba Inu, and Pepe Coin investors, to name just a few, who got in at the right time and turned a six-figure profit.

X (formally Twitter) is a great place for crypto enthusiasts to go to see the stories of these investors and how they built up their portfolios to become millionaires. However, what is even more valuable is finding out what these traders are investing in now so you can get on board and ride that gravy train to a million-dollar crypto portfolio.

We examined X to try to find what projects top traders think are going to be the next coins to make investors millions. Five presale projects kept coming up over and over again:

  • Bitcoin Minetrix (BTCMTX)
  • Sponge V2 ($SPONGEV2)
  • Meme Kombat ($MK)
  • eTukTuk (TUK)
  • Pikamoon (PIKA)

Let’s analyze why top traders favor these tokens so much.

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Bitcoin Minetrix – Over $10 Million Has Now Been Raised as This Project Keeps Growing

Bitcoin Minetrix has been picking up a lot of steam lately as whales are now starting to buy up BTCMTX in bulk. This has led to the presale flying through milestones, culminating in passing the $10 million raised point recently. A lot of talk around Bitcoin Minetrix is that it could save Bitcoin mining, so it’s no wonder people are excited.

Bitcoin Minetrix aims to provide a cheaper and greener way to mine Bitcoin. This could come just at the right time, as The United States Department of Energy just announced they would be collecting data on the BTC mining process over the next 6 months.

Through a combination of staking and cloud mining, Bitcoin Minetrix’s solution should be great news for the market. Investors will have the option to exchange their staked BTCMTX for mining credits. These credits are secondary tokens whose sole purpose is to be burnt in exchange for BTC mining time or a share of the yields. It is easy to see why top traders are investing in this project.

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Sponge V2 – The Meme Coin Hoping to Build on Version One’s Success

Sponge V2 ($SPONGEV2) is a very unique project that is actually the second version of one of 2023’s best-performing meme coins. What makes it so unique is the stake-to-bridge process that ensures a healthy transition from version one to version two.

How it works is investors who wish to purchase Sponge V2 will have to first purchase and then stake the original Sponge Token ($SPONGE). However, when they do so, an equivalent amount of SPONGEV2 is also purchased for them. When version 1 is sold out, the project will make version 2 coins claimable. Investors will also get their rewards from staking over the course of 4 years.

This is almost a cheat code of an investment, given Sponge Token’s success. The meme coin was launched in obscurity in the middle of last year on a solitaire exchange in a bear market. Besides all this against it, it still pumped by over 340% at first and 500% in November. The reputation it grew among crypto enthusiasts should ensure Sponge V2 is a success.

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Meme Kombat- The Meme Coin/p2e Crossover That Is Going to Explode in 2024

P2E games have fallen by the wayside by a certain amount, but a lot of top traders on X believe that Meme Kombat ($MK) could be able to change that in 2024. The P2E game, which is also a meme coin, has already raised over $7.8 million meaning it is less than $200k away from reaching its hard cap.

The game is a play on the cult classic combat game; Mortal Kombat. The main difference is in this blockchain game you will be fighting with and against the biggest memes from the last 10 years. These characters are AI-controlled, which really brings the game to a new level.

Not only will you be able to fight with your favorite memes, but you will be able to wager on them, too. Meme Kombat has set up a section that allows you to bet against the computer, your friends, or even a side bet on fight events like what the first move will be. With so much going on in this ecosystem, it’s easy to see why experts and top traders love this project.

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Etuktuk – Aiming to Reduce CO2 Emissions by 30% Before 2030

eTukTuk (TUK) is one of the most ambitious and far-reaching projects we have come across in a long time. It has huge aims to help the growth of sustainability in developing nations. Considering the bad press that the crypto market gets for its environmental practices, projects like these could be crucial in changing public opinion.

The main aim of the project is to get as many TukTuk drivers to trade in their vehicles for electrical versions. Already they have partnered with the Sri Lankan government and have over 200 charging stations in the country. The drivers are expected to see a 400% reduction in their operating costs, so there is no fear that they will not wish to make the change.

When they top up their new electrical TukTuk they will pay using TUK. This sustains the ecosystem, and when investors stake their TUK they will be able to claim a steady stream of rewards that will be released over time. Top traders are always looking for ambitious projects, and eTukTuk fits the bill.

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Pikamoon- May Be Able to Follow in the Footsteps of Meme Kombat

The Pikamoon (PIKA) creators will be hoping that the success of Meme Kombat ($MK) will also trickle down to them. Another P2E/meme coin crossover, Pikamoon is also inspired by a traditional gaming giant, in this case Pokemon.

Rather than pick your partner Pokemon right at the start of the game, Pikamoon players will instead be able to mint their own NFT. From then on, they can travel through the 4 Pikamoon universes, earning PIKA by battling against opponents and completing tasks.


So, to finish up, while it can be advantageous to look at what top traders invested in to make them millionaires, it is even best to spot the next millionaire making coins. Bitcoin Minetrix, Sponge V2, Mem Kombat, and eTukTuk all look like they fit the bill. Their presale prices also mean that by investing now, you have the most scope for a price explosion.

Disclaimer: The article is provided for educational purposes only. It does not represent the opinions of NewsBTC on whether to buy, sell or hold any investments and naturally investing carries risks. You are advised to conduct your own research before making any investment decisions. Use information provided on this website entirely at your own risk.

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