Finance Author Believes Bitcoin Is Headed To $135,000


The crypto community is buzzing with excitement after a renowned finance author predicts an impending Bullish outcome for Bitcoin. The words of the respected financial figure have raised questions and discussions across the crypto community. 

Rich Dad Poor Dad Author Sees Bitcoin Rising 

Japanese-American entrepreneur and author of the famous Rich Dad Poor Dad book, Robert T. Kiyosaki recently stated in an X (formerly Twitter) post on Thursday, that Bitcoin was poised to reach $135,000 after hitting a $30,000 mark at one point on Friday following rumors of BlackRock’s Bitcoin ETF approval.

With recent predictions suggesting that Bitcoin could gain back its bullish momentum if it surpasses the crucial $30,000 mark, the crypto community found itself filled with hopes that the $30,000 could be sustained. However, at later periods on Friday, Bitcoin dropped back below $30,000 and presently it is trading at $29,714 according to CoinMarketCap. 

BTC market cap currently at $581 billion on the weekly chart:

In his post, Kiyosaki also mentioned other investment assets like gold and silver which he believes would soon break resistance and gain more value. He urged people who hold or save “fake” US dollars to become more aware, possibly implying a negative outcome for these investments.

“Gold will soon break through $2,100 and then take off. You will wish you had bought gold below $2,000. Next stop gold $3,700. Bitcoin testing $30,000. Next stop Bitcoin $135,000. Silver from $23 to $68 an ounce,” Kiyosaki stated.

He added “Savers of fake dollars F’d. Please tell your friends to ‘Wake up.’ Take care.”

Kiyosaki Explains Inflation Strain On Lower Classes 

In a different post on Wednesday, Kiyosaki spoke on the topic of inflation. He stated that inflation has a high effect on the wealth gap, which is the economic disparity between the rich and the rest of the population. 

Kiyosaki stated that inflation had a crippling effect on the poor and middle class because they work and save US dollars, making them poorer and unable to accumulate wealth without challenges. 

In contrast, he said that the rich get even more wealthy during inflation because they save valuable investment assets like Gold, Silver, and Bitcoin. This theory holds some weight seeing that the wealthy usually have more access to financial instruments and assets that appreciate during inflationary periods. 

“INfLATION makes the POOR & MIDDLE CLASS poorer because they work for & save dollars. Yet INFLATION makes the RICH RICHER. Why? Because today’s rich work for & save Gold, Silver, & Bitcoin,” Kiyosaki stated. 

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