Gen Z Investing in Crypto. Why They Choose Cardano, Avalanche, and Raboo


Gen Z—or the “zoomers,” —outnumber Gen X and Baby Boomer crypto investors by a wide margin. According to a report by financial services company Stilt, Gen Z and Millennials comprise 94% of the world population invested in crypto, supporting the notion that crypto is the younger generation’s game. Some of the most popular cryptocurrencies Gen Z and Millennial investors hold include Cardano and Avalanche, which have seen their best days in 2021. A growing number of Gen Z investors, however, are all about the epic pumps, which SocialFi meme coin Raboo is expected to deliver in 2024. Learn why tapped-in Gen Z investors are queueing up to join the Raboo presale this month.

Cardano Banking on “Slow and Steady Wins the Race” Approach

From the get-go, Cardano has focused on deliberate, careful development to create a superior Layer-1 blockchain platform that solves the blockchain trilemma. However, let’s be honest with the facts: there’s not a lot going on in Cardano. Earlier in 2024, crypto think tank K33 Research revealed that very little meaningful user activity could be detected on Cardano besides exchange transactions and whales “fabricating” user activity on the blockchain. Serious claims. Nevertheless, that hasn’t stopped Cardano from becoming popular among Gen Z and millennials as an investment opportunity. Its huge $15.5 billion market capitalization gives it less pump potential compared to low-cap gems like Raboo.

Can Avalanche Retest 2021 Highs in 2025?

Distributed software platform Avalanche was one of the biggest gainers of the previous bull market after surging to all-time highs of $144.96 last November 2021. Likewise, Avalanche was one of the best performers in Q4 2023 and Q1 2024, with the token rising from yearly lows to peak at $60.69 in the middle of March 2024. However, AVAX plummeted all the way down to an April 2024 low of $33.55, losing over 40% of its value in just one month, despite bouncing back to trade at $35.48 as of press time. A retest of 2021 all-time highs isn’t looking likely thus far, making Avalanche a less attractive investment opportunity for the next cycle.

Raboo: The Hottest Presale Investment Opportunity of 2024

There’s no better investment opportunity than a presale. Cardano and Avalanche holders who were lucky enough to buy during their respective presales or in their fledgling days will attest to that. While ADA and AVAX are unlikely to recreate their 2021 performances, there are still plenty of low-cap gems.

In 2024, that opportunity has arrived in the form of Raboo—the next can’t-miss meme coin that’s poised for a massive run in the next bull cycle. Analysts believe that Raboo’s unique amalgamation of meme coin appeal, artificial intelligence, and social-fi has everything it needs to be the next 100x gem.

Raboo isn’t just another meme coin. It enables users to earn by creating content such as memes and performing tasks that build engagement and expand Raboo’s footprint across the cryptoverse. Its current price of just $0.0036 is an ideal entry point into a project on the verge of a breakout year—which could easily outperform the gains that Cardano and Avalanche stand to make in the same period.

You can participate in the Raboo presale here.

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