GK8’s launches its new Tokenization Wizard to help institutions step up their digital asset game


Welcome to a new era, one in which digital and traditional finance converge to redefine economic interactions. Leading this transformation is the rise of tokenization of real-world assets (RWAs). Tokenized RWAs represent a fresh opportunity for investors and institutions to change public perception and engagement with tangible and intangible assets. 

The tokenization market has experienced substantial growth, with projections estimating the value of tokenized real-world assets to reach $16 trillion by 2030. Already, $3 billion in RWAs have been tokenized, signaling the early stages of this transformative trend. This has presented a compelling opportunity for institutions to participate in the evolving landscape of decentralized finance through a recognizable financial instrument. 

As demand for tokenization solutions rises, GK8, the leading enterprise-grade blockchain custody and monetization platform, launched its Tokenization Wizard, an end-to-end application that effortlessly tokenizes any asset class. Equipped with top-tier security throughout the entire tokenization process, these tokens can be fractionally owned, traded, and managed across various blockchains.

While tokenization can appear intimidating to institutions not privy to blockchain technology, the Tokenization Wizard breaks down common entry barriers. No previous coding or smart contract knowledge is needed, affording institutions seamless issuance and simple token management throughout their lifecycle. Users can quickly transfer ownership, track transactions, and manage whitelists with the Tokenization Wizard. 

The speed and efficiency of tokenization not only revolutionizes the growing investment landscape but also democratizes it. It allows interested investors with limited funds to participate in opportunities once beyond their reach, offering a new level of financial inclusivity. However, as the allure of tokenization grows, so does the risk. 

Lior Lamesh, Co-Founder and CEO of GK8, says, “Tokenizing real-world assets is quickly becoming a part of our reality across many industries and governments experimenting with local currency stablecoins, which makes them incredibly appealing for hackers to exploit given the sizable awards attached to these breaches.”

The expanding nature of tokenization underscores the need for solutions to safeguard valuable digital assets. The Tokenization Wizard addresses primary security concerns by leveraging GK8’s multi-tier custody solution and Cold Vault technology. This enables institutions to issue smart contracts without the administrator’s private keys going online, leaving no attack surface for hackers to exploit. 

Safeguarding the tokenization process is one of the prime tenets of the Tokenization Wizard. The true cold security method makes it impossible for hackers to access or use keys with malicious intent. It ensures only those with exclusive access needed for minting, burning, and proxying to other smart contracts have access. 

Lamesh adds: “Our Tokenization Wizard, with its user-friendly interface and customizable options, revolutionizes the tokenization process, enabling users to tokenize assets with just a few clicks. Institutions can now leverage this innovative technology to facilitate new revenue streams, enabling them to adopt these new capabilities securely.”

The Tokenization Wizard’s first partnership is between DWS, Flow Tracers, and Galaxy, intending to create AllUnity. Its mission is to revolutionize the on-chain economy by issuing a fully collateralized EUR-denominated stablecoin. Beyond tokenization, GK8’s platform can be used to oversee all digital asset operations, such as custody, staking, deploying assets to DeFi, and more. 

The tokenization of real-world assets exemplifies clear signs of an evolving financial future. With the help of blockchain technology, institutions and organizations are transforming their traditional investment models and broadening access to unlock a new era of economic growth. 


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