Is Internet Computer (ICP) the Next Big Thing? 60% Jump Raises Eyebrows


In the past day, the value of Internet Computer (ICP) has increased by 20% to $15.76. ICP has grown significantly over the last week, showing an astounding increase of more than 60% from its starting value of $8.98 to its current rate.

According to data from Coingecko, its current price is a noteworthy increase, highlighting the coin’s dynamic performance in the context of recent market movements.

It’s important to remember that although the price has increased significantly, the all-time high for Internet Computer is still $700.65. This indicates a significant room for expansion, but it also emphasizes how volatile the crypto industry is by nature.

Anxiously observing these oscillations, investors and fans are speculating about Internet Computer’s future course as it negotiates the intricate terrain of digital asset appraisals.

Growing Interest In Internet Computer

ICP’s fundamentals indicate that it is not solely reliant on the volatility of Bitcoin. Rather, utilities are another factor influencing its worth. Several utilities impact its value, such as its ability to hold money and the ability to stake using its Network Nervous System.

The DAO in charge of the Internet Computer blockchain is the NNS. By staking ICP utility tokens in so-called neurons, everyone can take part in this open, permissionless governance system. Voting on proposals, which are open to submission by anybody, determines decisions.

It was therefore simple to draw the conclusion that growing interest in cryptocurrencies was the cause of the price increase.

ICPUSD currently trading at $16.273 on the daily chart:

ICP Price Analysis

Price: Over the past 24 hours, the price of Internet Computer (ICP) has fluctuated between $13.50 and $14.50. It is currently trading at $14.00, which is down slightly from its price at the start of the day. Over the past week, ICP has been more volatile, trading between $12.50 and $15.00.

Volatility: The Bollinger Bands on the chart show that volatility has been higher over the past week than it has been over the past 24 hours. This is likely due to the increase in trading volume that has been seen over the past week.

Source: Benzinga

Trading volume: Trading volume for ICP has increased by 135.0% over the past week. This is a significant increase, and it suggests that there is a lot of interest in ICP at the moment.

Circulating supply: The circulating supply of ICP has also increased over the past week, by 1.08%. This means that there are more ICP tokens in circulation now than there were a week ago. This could put downward pressure on the price of ICP, as there are more tokens available to be sold.

Market cap: ICP is currently ranked #18 in terms of market capitalization, with a market cap of $6.67 billion. This is down from its market cap of $7.77 billion at the start of the week.

Overall, the chart shows that ICP has been a volatile crypto asset over the past week. The increase in trading volume and circulating supply suggests that there is a lot of interest in ICP, but it is also possible that this could put downward pressure on the price of ICP in the future.

Is ICP The Next ‘Big Thing?’

While Internet Computer’s recent 60% surge has undoubtedly raised eyebrows, declaring it the “next big thing” remains a gamble. Its price, while impressive compared to its starting point, still sits far below its all-time high, showcasing the volatility inherent in the crypto market.

Though potential for further growth undeniably exists, cautious optimism is key. ICP’s dynamic performance demands a close watch, but only time will tell if its current momentum translates into sustained success, solidifying its place among the cryptocurrency titans.

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