Mollars Launches New ‘.CC’ Domain For A Future Crypto Exchange

Mollars, one of the standout new tokens of 2024, has recently surprised its community with exciting news about the project.

According to a recent Tweet, the team intends to create a new decentralized exchange, with $MOLLARS as its base token. The new DEX will be created under the “Mollars.CC” domain,  aiming to provide a seamless and decentralized trading experience centered around the token, fostering liquidity and accessibility within the ecosystem.

$MOLLARS As The Backbone of New DEX

The token currently in presale sold nearly 15% of its total supply during the initial funding rounds. With the underwhelming success of $MOLLARS as a store of value, the asset shapes itself as the perfect fit for a stable and reliable currency to serve as the foundation of the decentralized exchange’s ecosystem.

With only a total supply of 10 million tokens, $MOLLARS exhibits a scarcity that inherently drives demand. Its ownerless and decentralized nature ensures that its value is solely determined by market forces, leaving it subject to the dynamics of supply and demand.

Drawing a comparison to Bitcoin,  the world’s most known SoV,, Mollar’s supply represents less than half of the total BTC supply.

The introduction of the new decentralized crypto exchange (DEX) as the primary trading platform for $MOLLARS further enhances its utility. By pairing $MOLLARS with other assets on the exchange, users gain access to a wide range of trading opportunities, fostering an even bigger demand for the token.


Additionally, the incentive structure inherent in decentralized exchanges encourages users to hold onto $MOLLARS, as they may benefit from reduced trading fees or other rewards for doing so.

As a result, the utility derived from the decentralized exchange, coupled with the scarcity and decentralized nature of $MOLLARS, creates a compelling case for its value proposition. Investors and users alike are incentivized to hold onto $MOLLARS, driving up demand and solidifying its position as a stable and reliable currency within the ecosystem.

Mollars Following CRO’s Footsteps

Drawing parallels between $MOLLARS and Cronos ($CRO), the base token for the exchange unveils promising potential for $MOLLARS to follow a similar trajectory of success.

Like CRO, $MOLLARS is undergoing an initial phase of introduction and adoption, marked by its presale where nearly a million dollars were sold. This initial traction mirrors the ICO launch of CRO in 2017, which served as a pivotal moment for attracting early investors and enthusiasts who believed in the project’s vision.

Post-ICO, strategically developed its ecosystem around CRO, integrating it into various services like the mobile app, card services, and staking options. Similarly, $MOLLARS is poised to become an integral part of its respective decentralized exchange (DEX), offering utility and incentives for users within the ecosystem.

Ultimately, Cronos resulted in overwhelming profits for early holders. Since its ICO, the asset gained 500% in value when it reached its all-time highest price on November 27, 2021.

$MOLLARS Could Be an Even Better CEX-Token Than Cronos

With a maximum supply of 30 billion tokens, Cronos has been the subject of market volatility in recent times. While at its ATH, $CRO reached the impressive value of $5.01—today the asset trades at around $0.40.

In that sense, $MOLLARS could perform better as the spine of the Mollars.CC decentralized exchange. Contrasting Crono’s abundant reserve, Mollar’s 10 million tokens represent merely 0.033% of CRO’s total supply.

This scarcity could potentially lead to a more stable and sustainable price trajectory for $MOLLARS, offering investors confidence and incentivizing adoption within the ecosystem.

In this regard, $MOLLARS has the opportunity to emerge as a superior CEX token, offering users a more reliable and efficient trading experience while establishing itself as a valuable asset in the broader cryptocurrency market.



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