New GambleFi Cryptocurrency TG.Casino (TGC) Raises $1.25 Million In Token ICO

The GambleFi niche is gaining strong traction in the crypto market – tokens like Rollbit Coin have surged close to 4000% since their ICO and amassed close to $500 million in market capitalization.

According to experts such as @CryptoGodJohn, GambleFi could be one of the best performing new cryptocurrency sectors in the next bull run.

New Cryptocurrency For GambleFi Investors – $TGC

While Rollbit Coin (RLB) has achieved mid-cap status, a new cryptocurrency – TG.Casino ($TGC) – is still in its presale phase, allowing early investors an opportunity to make high profits.

Right from the very start, $TGC has been experiencing a robust demand in its ICO, thanks to the unique strengths of the TG.Casino platform that distinguishes it from its competitors. The platform offers all its exciting crypto casino and betting services on the popular Telegram messaging app – that too without the requirement of any KYC verification or account setup.

Features such as lucrative staking rewards and attractive bonuses only serve to make the platform that much more appealing.

Consequently, the TG.Casino presale has raised close to $1.2 million in just over three weeks, selling out its first stage in the process. The second stage of the presale will be completed either in 3 days or when the token raises $2.5 million whichever happens first.

$TGC is currently available at a cheap price of $0.125, however, the price is set to increase upon the completion of the second stage of the ICO.

The Rise of Telegram Casinos

The concept of online gambling has been gathering steam ever since the pandemic and is only expected to grow in the future – the industry is expected to hit the $150 billion valuation by the year 2030.

However, concerns about the security and fairness of online gambling sites are also growing, which led to the popularity of crypto casino and betting platforms – thanks to the transparency and immutability of blockchain technology.

The issue still remains that many users are not used to dealing with Web3 technology, which can create confusion and serve as a barrier to entry. However, TG.Casino’s integration with Telegram can prove effective in combating this.

Firstly, Telegram is the home of a billion users, many of whom are crypto and gambling enthusiasts and can drive the adoption of the $TGC token. The Crypto Whale Pumps group on Telegram – which has close to 25k subscribers – is one example of this. The members of the group are raving about the token’s price potential and the group’s admin – who is a deep-pocketed investor himself – has purchased 10 ETH worth of $TGC in the presale itself.

Secondly, TG.Casino leverages Telegram’s powerful Bot API to create its own multi-purpose bot – this bot serves as the user interface for players, while also handling the game mechanics. Users can enjoy the familiarity of the Telegram app and do not even need to download any additional software.

Finally, Telegram’s end-to-end encryption plays a crucial role in securing the platform, along with the regular smart contract audits by Coinsult. The latest audit did not reveal any vulnerabilities or centralization risks.

The $40 million hack on has put the spotlight on the security of crypto casinos – however, disaffected users can feel secure with TG.Casino’s high security standards. The platform is also fully licensed, which can be verified on its website at

Stake-to-earn, Bonuses Make $TGC One Of The Best Crypto To Invest In

The project’s white paper described $TGC as the value-driven component of the platform. Indeed, TG.Casino has adopted several features that will continue to boost the token’s value.


One such cornerstone feature is the Buy and Burn mechanism, in which a portion of the profits from the crypto casino will be used to buy back $TGC tokens. 40% of the tokens will be burned to create a deflationary supply, which in turn will boost $TGC’s value.

The remaining 60% of the tokens will be distributed as staking rewards, a feature that is gaining strong traction amongst retail investors. The TG.Casino staking pool is currently offering an APY of over 400%, which is an excellent opportunity to generate passive income irrespective of the crypto price or crypto market outlook.

The staking mechanism also incentivizes investors to hold their tokens for longer periods, which prevents any form of pump-and-dump price action. Stakers will also earn loyalty bonuses and exclusive access to new games.

Similarly, the project has announced a 25% cashback on all losses for players betting with the $TGC token. Some games can only be accessed through the $TGC token. All these features will continue to drive up the demand for the token, long after its launch.

It is safe to say that TG.Casino is leaving no expense to become one of the best online gambling sites, allowing users to bet on hundreds of games and sportsbooks such as the NBA, the NFL, UFC, MLB, etc.

Players can also compete with each other in live casino events. There is also a 150% bonus – up to $30k – along with 500 free spins on the TG.Casino platform.

With such high utility, it is no wonder that the $TG.Casino presale is selling out quickly, with popular trader Cilinix Crypto – who has over 30k subscribers on YouTube – also investing a sizable amount. He also predicts that the token could display a 10x bull rally after its launch


Interested buyers can purchase the token in the presale at by swapping ETH, BNB or USDT in exchange for it.

Visit TG.Casino Presale



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