Oasys Partners With Singularity To Introduce Seamless Blockchain Payment Solutions


  • Oasys enters strategic partnership with payment solution provider, Singularity.
  • Gamers on the Oasys ecosystem can now seamlessly make cross-chain payments.
  • Oasys-based gaming title 9Lives Arena leads in integrating the new payment system.

Oasys, a game-optimized blockchain, announced its partnership with global blockchain payment solution provider Singularity this Monday. The strategic collaboration aims to introduce seamless cross-chain payments and a better user experience to users on Oasys, in line with the gaming platform’s goals to provide “unparalleled convenience, ease of use and utility to gamers”, the press release reads.

Oasys solves the challenges that game developers face when building blockchain-based games by focusing on creating an ecosystem for gamers and developers to distribute and develop games. The partnership with Singularity aims to enhance these goals by enabling developers to create more easy-to-access games. Moreover, the partnership will enhance the Oasys ecosystem’s infrastructure through the introduction of seamless cross-chain asset transfers, NFT purchases and other in-game payments.

“For the gaming community, usability and transaction speed are paramount. Therefore, by integrating Singularity and enabling a user experience that doesn’t concern itself with networks like Hub-Layer or Verse, we believe it will become easier for game developers to develop games for the mass market,” said Daiki Moriyama, Oasys Director.

Apart from adding new payment systems for the Oasys gaming community, the platform will also significantly improve the overall gaming experience and ease the onboarding of new players to Oasys, Moriyama added.

Singularity offers a complete payment solution that is specifically engineered to enable cross-chain payments such as asset swapping, token bridging and network switching. The partnership will bring these benefits to Oasys, meaning users will not have to manually swap or bridge their tokens to facilitate payments across any of the Oasys Verses.

Singularity’s payment solution integrated to Oasys blockchain (Image: Singularity)

Users can now purchase NFTs or tokens on any Verse, using tokens from the Oasys Hub-Layer or from any other Verse. In addition, Singularity’s novel technology will allow users to seamlessly purchase any in-game asset using fiat via credit cards, bank transfers and any other acceptable fiat payment system.

“At Singularity, we have a deep-rooted belief that blockchain games will unlock a new era of utility and innovation for games and gamers around the world,” said Singularity CEO Aditya Gupta. “Oasys’s Verse framework resonates perfectly with our worldview that great games will be built on application-specific chains that are flexible and customizable.”

Following the partnership, many decentralized apps on the Oasys blockchain have already started planning on integrating Singularity’s payment solutions. 9Lives Arena, a competitive online RPG hosted on HOME Verse on Oasys, leads the way with plans to integrate the Singularity NFT Checkout solution later this year. This will pave the way for the use of fiat or crypto payments within the game without the need to switch blockchain networks or bridging tokens.


Image: Oasys blockchain

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