PARIZ Fashion Metaverse by Trace Network Introduces GAMEFI Layer


ZEST, a new addition to Trace Network’s PARIZ fashion metaverse, is set to revolutionize the world of hyper-casual gaming, offering game creators and brands the opportunity to enhance brand engagement through the application of game theory and economics. This innovative feature aims to foster deeper connections between users and brands while providing exciting gaming experiences and rewarding participants for their interaction with products and services.

PARIZ metaverse, which made its debut on March 22, 2023, has rapidly emerged as a prominent hub for virtual events, media interactions, and shopping experiences with a diverse array of brands. Recent reports indicate that PARIZ has surpassed Decentraland and Sandbox in terms of monthly transactions, according to data from Dapp Radar. Furthermore, the metaverse has attracted over 51,000 active unique visitors, further solidifying its position in the virtual world.

The journey towards incorporating a GAMEFI layer into the PARIZ metaverse began as brands expanded their presence on the platform. Trace Network recognized the potential of engaging users through gaming experiences and theorized that this could significantly enhance user retention within the metaverse.

Having already established itself as a leading player in the metaverse arena, Trace Network’s introduction of ZEST on PARIZ represents a strategic move into the lucrative casual gaming market, which currently boasts a value of $15 billion. ZEST will serve a dual purpose, driving the consumption of Trace tokens through participation in reward-based game pools and enabling brands to launch theme-based games.

The success of this model has been demonstrated through partnerships with prominent brands such as NIKE and GUCCI, creating an ecosystem where end consumers can interact with brands while earning rewards in the form of redeemable coupon NFTs, providing discounts and other valuable benefits. The scaling of the ZEST platform will make it easier for any brand to introduce new engagement experiences for their customers, all while incentivizing user participation.

Notably, the PARIZ metaverse is collaborating closely with the Binance ecosystem to engage its vast community in reward-based gaming experiences, promising an exciting future for brand engagement and economic activities within the metaverse.



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