Praxis announces crypto accessibility partnership with, expanding its global presence

In a significant move aimed at narrowing the cryptocurrency adoption gap, Praxis Tech, a leading payment orchestration software company, has unveiled a strategic partnership with, a fast-growing digital banking and crypto-earning platform, to expand the latter’s crypto payment offerings within its multi-coin wallet.

In 2022, emerged as a prominent player in the crypto industry, as a result of the merger of two key players: the popular crypto app Crypterium and the innovative earnings platform Charism. Operating across more than 170 countries, offers a comprehensive suite of crypto services, reinforced by a diverse range of earning and lending options. The platform places a significant emphasis on simplifying and expediting the process of earning crypto, particularly for users who are not necessarily well-versed in the world of cryptocurrencies. At the heart of’s CeFi (Centralized Finance) ecosystem is a centralized wallet designed to facilitate easy asset management for its customers.

“ has come a long way and grown into an advanced platform on an intersection of CeFI and DeFi ecosystems. Our comprehensive suite of products has something for everyone – crypto natives and beginners alike. By introducing a variety of payment methods to the wallet and providing localized options, we look forward to making our products more accessible to our diverse international client base and, ultimately, driving further the adoption of our features,” says Austin Kimm, Director of Strategy and Investments at

The Praxis partnership works to tackle the crypto adoption challenge that companies of all sizes continue to deal with by leveraging its robust payment orchestration solution. This partnership enables to seamlessly handle payments and payouts using various payment methods. Praxis presides over a vast network of over 540 payment service providers (PSPs) and more than 1,000 alternative payment methods (APMs), which will enable to offer a wide array of payment solutions, including localized methods, to its user base.

“We have long been looking for a partner as globally focused, forward-thinking, and technologically robust as Praxis, and we’re thrilled to begin this collaboration with them”, adds Kimm.

“At Praxis, we have made it our mission to empower merchants with the tools they need to drive their business forward. Praxis is able to cater to the needs of with our variety of payment methods, as well as advanced features, such as Smart Routing, Merchant Initiated Transactions, Background Dynamic Currency Conversion, and our innovative Decline Recovery solutions suite,”  says Natalie Agopian, the Chief Sales Officer at Praxis.

Praxis has cemented its position as a pioneering force in the payments industry since its inception in 2014, primarily through its flagship product, Cashier. In 2022, Praxis rebranded itself from Praxis Cashier to Praxis Tech, reflecting its expanded product offerings, including Praxis Direct (API) and Hosted Payment Fields (HPF).

Agopian adds, “As we near the completion of the integration, we look forward to empowering and its clients to take their CeFi and DeFi ecosystem to the next level.”

Over the past year, Praxis has prioritized reducing decline rates and enhancing decline recovery, introducing new solutions like Background Dynamic Currency Conversion (BDCC), Smart Routing, Transaction Decline Recovery with Open Banking, and Retry on Insufficient Amounts. At present, Praxis collaborates with over 540 PSPs and integrates with more than 1,000 alternative payment solutions, supporting a broad spectrum of over 200 currencies, both fiat and crypto.

In a bid to further deepen its engagement within the crypto sector, Praxis recently forged a partnership with Modulus, a U.S.-based firm renowned for its contributions to leading crypto exchange platforms. Now, through its collaboration with, Praxis is reaffirming its dedication and expanding its influential presence within the global crypto landscape.

“We have long been looking for a partner as globally focused, forward-thinking, and technologically robust as Praxis, and we’re thrilled to begin this collaboration with them”, adds Kimm.

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