Pullix (PLX) Competes Head to Head with Solana (SOL) and Chainlink (LINK)

Solana and Chainlink have shown bullish price movements in the past few months. However, a new challenger is here to surpass their price growth. The new DeFi coin, Pullix, is a presale token that’s value has risen 100% since the start of its presale.

Analysts have predicted a 100x price surge once the presale gem launches. What makes Pullix a top contender? Let’s find out.

Crypto Influencer Predicts Solana (SOL) To $100

Crypto enthusiast Ben Armstrong, also known as Bitboy, has shared an optimistic outlook for Solana (SOL). In one of his latest YouTube videos, Armstrong is betting on Solana to hit a target of $1,000.

He said, “That is not the top; that is not their peak,” suggesting there could be even more growth beyond that. He mentioned that for Solana, currently sitting above $100, to hit that $1,000 mark, it would need to increase 10x.

If his prediction comes true, 2024 will be an incredible year for Solana. Meanwhile, the Solana price has faced some setbacks in recent times. Still, the DeFi coin is trading with gains of 69.2% and 824.1% on the monthly and yearly price charts.

Chainlink (LINK) To Hit $34

Chainlink (LINK) started 2024 on a bullish note by forming a bullish pattern on Chainlink’s price chart. One analyst who has been watching Chainlink closely is Ali Charts. He recently mentioned in a tweet that the Chainlink coin has formed a bullish pendant that could mean an upward trend is coming.

Ali Charts noted that if the Chainlink price can rise and stay above $17.2, it could rise to $34. However, he gave a word of caution to traders.

According to him, traders must watch an important price level – $14.2. Ali Charts noted that if the Chainlink price falls below this level, it would invalidate the chances of a price surge. At the moment, the altcoin is trading at the $15 price level after facing several setbacks.

Pullix (PLX) Blends CEX and DEX Into One

Pullix (PLX) is making a name for itself as a hybrid platform that combines the best parts of CEX and DEX exchanges. This mix offers users many benefits like safety, decentralization, active trading, and access to a wide range of markets.

Copy Trading

Here, Pullix uses AI to help traders copy the moves of experienced pros. This is great because these experts often have a good track record of successful trades. Therefore, those who follow their strategies have a better chance of making a profit.

DeFi Swap

This feature gives users more control over how they swap their assets. Using a system where trades happen with a liquidity pool makes trading tokens quicker and less expensive. This means traders don’t have to wait for someone else to match their trade.

All these features are why analysts say Pullix could be the best crypto investment out there. Besides, Pullix links traders to more than just the crypto world.

It connects them to big markets like the FX market, with its massive $7.6 trillion daily trading volume, and the OTC derivatives market, with around $40 trillion traded daily. These markets will bring more liquidity into the exchange. This could boost the value of the PLX token, making it a top pick for investors looking for the best crypto investment.


Looking at Pullix’s unique features and its exposure to more markets apart from cryptocurrencies, analysts believe it can go head-to-head with Solana and Chainlink. The altcoin is currently priced at $0.08, a 100% increase upon its initial price of $0.04. Having sold over 60million PLX tokens and raised over £3million in the space of four weeks, Pullix continues to take the crypto market by storm.

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