Shiba Inu Coin (SHIB) Up 30% In Last 30 Days, Are We Set For A Bull Run?


Are you a Shiba Inu holder? If so, you’ll be excited to see that the people’s crypto is now rising. If not, you may be asking if now is the time to jump in.

So what you really need to know is what’s next for the memecoin? And the wider crypto market? And are there any other memecoins you should be looking at that could see explosive growth? Like Shiba Inu did back in October 2021, when it went up by over 1000%.

Read on to find out the answers!

What’s the latest news about Shiba Inu?

Shiba Inu has retested the $0.000009 mark which is very exciting, as SHIB has so far failed to see the kind of gains that we’ve seen with Ethereum and Bitcoin recently.

As seasoned crypto holders know, when BTC and ETH go up, the rest of the market tends to follow. Especially if a bull run is near.

There’s been a ton of exciting news about Shiba Inu. Including technical and structural proposals about “The Big Plan from The Shiba State” from Shiba’s Lucie, an ever-increasing amount of wallets on the network – meaning more people are buying into SHIB, and lots of fun stuff like 3000 free NFTs for subscribers of The Shib’s new online magazine. (The first edition covers have been fully minted, subscribe now to get access to the second edition!)

Trader $SHIB KNIGHT predicts that all of this is leading to another big rise for Shiba Inu, which would see one of those zeros knocked off the price.

So Is The Bull Run Coming?

When Shiba Inu last rose dramatically, approximately two years ago, it was because of the bull run, which made people into overnight millionaires. While coins like Doge are still one of the leading cryptos, they have nothing on Shiba, and PEPE is now old news.

Although no one knows for certain if the next bull run is here, the signs look good. The timing is right – near Xmas, and in anticipation of the 2024 Bitcoin halving event.

Bitcoin’s recent rally past $37,000 and the likely approval of the Bitcoin spot ETF are all the ingredients that we want to see.

Right now we are still early, but when the general public sees that the good times are back, Shiba Inu could easily 10x from here, because memecoins capture the attention of both established players and new market entrants.

So How Can You Make the Most of Being Early?

If you, like the #ShibaArmy, believe that now is the time, then load up your bags. Bitcoin is your safest bet, but will produce the smallest percentage gains due to its already large size. Shiba Inu is tried and tested, with a vibrant community, so it’s another good bet. But what if there was a way to capture the entire market excitement about memecoins, and be super early?

Well, good news! There’s a new project being launched called Meme Moguls. This project will allow memecoin fans to trade different coins, and NFTs of memes. They can get together to share info and knowledge, play together and trade together.

It’s a game, an exchange, a community, and a token, all rolled into one. The token – $MGLS – is about to enter presale, meaning that it’s the lowest ever price it can be, before it launches on the open market. This means that you can be super early AND get involved in the entire memecoin economy, all in time for what we hope to be the next big bull run.



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