Francesco Abbate
Nov 09, 2015 Strategy & Investments

Francesco is the CEO and managing director of Swiss Crypto Advisors and oversees the company’s global activities. Francesco’s interest in blockchain and crypto began in 2011 as an early Bitcoin scholar. He is an entrepreneur, investor, trainer and advisor in the area of blockchain based companies and cryptocurrencies.

He founded in 2017, a cryptocurrencies democratization platform, to allow people to join this unique opportunity and make wise and more informed decisions. In 2018, he founded Swiss Crypto to advise selected hedge funds and startups to develop a blockchain based competitive advantage.

Francesco’s professional experience includes an extensive management background with 14 years experience in finance at Procter & Gamble. His other roles include head of corporate finance for Italy, head of product supply finance for a regional business unit, head of operations finance for Southern Europe, and global finance and strategy director for a 10B$ turnover business unit, where he focused on upstream innovation and future sources of growth and business initiative design.

Francesco lives in Geneva and graduated magna cum laude from Luiss Guido Carli University with a degree in economics.