TG Casino Crypto Presale Hits $3.5M as Players Wager $38M, Is This the Next Rollbit?

Gambling has become one of the crypto’s most promising real-world use cases. Newly launched projects are reshaping the online casino user experience, offering faster deposits and withdrawals, better privacy, and cutting-edge revenue share mechanisms.

However, the new presale project TG Casino supercharges these benefits through its revolutionary platform.

The presale has raised over $3.5 million in ten weeks and has a hard cap of just $5 million. With this in mind, time is running out to secure $TGC at a discounted price.

$TGC is an ERC-20 token, and users can buy it by connecting their Ethereum-compatible wallet to the presale website, which accepts ETH and USDT payments.

The platform boasts a staking mechanism that presale buyers can use immediately. It currently offers a 170% annual percentage yield, but this will decrease as more tokens are staked.

Why Is TG Casino Exploding?

The TG Casino team recently announced on X that over 2,450 active players are now using the casino and have collectively wagered over $38 million. It also announced the casino had seen upward of $3.7 million in net deposits.

Factoring in the $TGC token’s successful presale, it becomes apparent that TG Casino is quietly brewing up a storm in the casino industry. However, many other well-established crypto casinos already exist, so why is TG Casino performing so well out of the gate?

Its success is primarily attributed to the project’s unprecedented user experience.

TG Casino is a Telegram-native casino. This means users can access it directly from the Telegram application, making placing bets much faster and more user-friendly. Moreover, it means the casino is accessible to Telegram’s one billion users, and players can gamble unrestricted worldwide thanks to Telegram’s end-to-end encryption.

It is also KYC-free; users can simply connect their wallet to get started. In contrast, market leader Rollbit is often criticized for an over-complexed KYC and sign-up process.

Moreover, the platform offers gambling on hundreds of games and sportsbook events and is powered by leading gaming providers like Amatic, Evolution, and Hacksaw.

These factors provide an unrivaled user experience and are a primary reason for its early success.

TG Casino’s Robust Tokenomics Indicate Long-Term Success

Complimenting its value-packed use case is a set of compelling tokenomics carefully designed to drive demand and limit supply.

It starts with token utility. $TGC holders get countless benefits like free rewards, 25% cashback on losses, access to exclusive games and rooms, a 169% staking APY, up to a 200% rakeback bonus, and more perks.

The project also boasts a buyback mechanism, repurchasing $TGC tokens from the open market with a portion of the casino’s revenue. It will burn 40% of tokens and allocate 60% to staking rewards, making $TGC deflationary while bolstering demand and rewarding holders in line with the platform’s success.

Regulated and Secured by Market-Leading Audits

Given the high-risk nature of casinos, players can rest assured that TG Casino adopts the industry’s most secure practices. It is one of the only licensed and regulated Telegram casinos, registered in the Dutch Caribbean Island of Curacao, a hotbed for crypto regulation.

Meanwhile, the TG Casino team recently passed a KYC audit, and the project’s smart contract also passed an audit carried out by blockchain security firm Coinsult.

These solid security measures provide a significant advantage over market leader Rollbit, which recently lost its gambling license, creating a cause for concern with many of its users. This may also explain why TG Casino is exploding.

Ultimately, the fusion of market-leading security, carefully engineered tokenomics, and a real-world use case presents tremendous value for the TG Casino crypto.

Top analysts share this sentiment, with renowned influencer Eric Cryptoman suggesting it could be a “huge runner” once it launches on exchanges.

Meanwhile, YouTuber HotCuppaCrypto speculates it could 100x after its presale.

However, the trending crypto is quickly selling out its presale, and its current price of $0.18 will increase in four days – so early buyer will need to act fast.

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