The Next Dogecoin? Top Trader Points To This Memecoin


Crypto trading sensation Ansem, known on X (formerly Twitter) as @blknoiz06, has directed the market’s gaze towards the Bitcoin Runes ecosystem, labeling it as the nascent grounds for the next 100x crypto opportunity, as NewsBTC reported yesterday. Ansem, whose prowess is well-documented through his previous astronomical gains of 170x on Solana (SOL), 520x on dogwifhat (WIF), and 80x on Bonk (BONK), stirred the crypto community with his recent Dogecoin comparison.

On the cusp of Bitcoin’s highly anticipated halving today, Ansem doubled down on his initial assessment, particularly highlighting two tokens within the Bitcoin Runes ecosystem: Bitcoin Wizards (WZRD) and PUPS. He equates WZRD with Dogecoin, suggesting it has the potential to mirror Dogecoin’s viral success. In contrast, he compares PUPS to the lesser-known but highly profitable dogwifhat (WIF).

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Dogecoin price
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In a tweet that caught the eye of both investors and enthusiasts, Ansem elaborated on his reasoning behind the picks, stating:

Great thread, been saying, I believe Runes are next asymmetric 100x opp in crypto. The meme that got DOGE founder interested in Bitcoin & the phrase magic internet money is still used today – representative of bitcoin culture. DOGE equivalent = WZRD, WIF equivalent = PUPS.

Ansem references a thread on X by Immutable Edge (@ImmutableSOL), who delved into the historical and cultural significance of the “Magic Internet Money” meme, originally sparked by mavensbot’s viral Reddit ad.

The “Magic Internet Money” meme dates back to February 18, 2013, when mavensbot, a digital artist, submitted a hand-drawn depiction of a blue wizard to promote Bitcoin on Reddit. This ad, created during Bitcoin’s early adoption phase, was crucial in cultivating a cultural ethos around Bitcoin.

It resonated deeply within the community, encapsulating the whimsical yet revolutionary nature of Bitcoin’s rise. The ad’s simplicity and authenticity resonated with the Reddit community, propelling Bitcoin from a niche internet experiment to a major financial phenomenon. Within weeks of the ad’s debut, Bitcoin’s value surged from $27 to a record high of $1,132 by November 2013.

Bitcoin Wizards, one of the highlighted tokens, aims to rekindle this original spirit. The token leverages the iconic imagery and cultural narrative of the “Magic Internet Money” meme to foster a new wave of interest and adoption. The creators of WZRD are not only paying homage to Bitcoin’s roots but are also embedding this storied meme within the mechanics of a modern cryptocurrency, aiming to capture both nostalgia and innovation.

The Bitcoin Wizards project is part of the broader Bitcoin Runes ecosystem, which reached a lot of hype prior to its launch. According to Ansem, WZRD’s history and deep roots in memes give it the perfect ingredients to become the next Dogecoin, just on Bitcoin Runes.

Moreover, the analyst assessment comes at a critical time for the crypto market, which is often influenced by the narratives that capture the community’s imagination. As the Bitcoin halving event unfolds, many eyes will be on the Bitcoin Runes ecosystem to see if it can indeed replicate the meteoric rises seen in BRC-20 tokens and Ordinals.

At press time, WZRD traded at $12.15, up 70% in the last 24 hours.

WZRD/USD price
WZRD/USD price | Source: Coingecko

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