This Wildlife Coin Will Ignite the Biggest Crypto Trend of 2024

Staying ahead of the market comes with heavy rewards. Following the herd, on the other hand, can prove to be costly. Especially in a highly volatile market like crypto, it is important to keep an eye out for shifting currents.

Green Meme Coins: An Introduction

Pepe set the biggest meme coin trend of 2023 with its frog-themed viral token. In a market crowded with dog coins, Pepe was a fresh breath of air. But not for long. Before we knew it, the market was being crowded with myriads of fleeting sensations that sent the token into a deep plunge. Yet, Pepe held steadfast to its third position on the meme coin chart.

That was until BONK stole its shine, rekindling the hype around its Solana affiliation. What followed was a flurry of Solana meme coins. As bizarre as it is to the outside world, crypto investors are used to seeing new meme coins on the hot list every day. More interestingly, it’s so common to see them on the top losers list the very next day.

It’s oddly beautiful.

The latest trend that has been slowly taking hold of the market is Green meme coins. It is set in motion by Chimpzee ($CHMPZ), a wildlife token that takes advantage of its meme coin label to draw attention to its larger environmental goals.

Unlike short-lived meme coin sensations, green meme coins have long-term relevance.

Right from the presale stage, which raised over $2.7M, Chimpzee has been donating to various environmental initiatives. The project has collaborated with organizations like the WILD Foundation, Forgotten Animals, One Tree Planted, and The Giving Block to bring its vision alive.

In this article, we will take a closer look at Chimpzee ($CHMPZ) and why it is predicted to become one of the biggest crypto sensations of 2024.

Meme Coin with a Mission: How Chimpzee Adds Purpose to the Crypto Frenzy

Meme coins have high ‘virality’. They can climb the charts, capitalizing on fleeting trends in the market. It’s interesting how they acquire a massive community of investors within hours. Even during the downturns, meme coins make headlines with their meteoric pumps.

Why not use this trend for a larger purpose?

This is the vision that drives Chimpzee. The project is themed around a half-ape, half-human character that is dedicated to protecting wildlife. Chimpzee is building a three-pillar ecosystem centered around the character.

While a wide range of climate and wildlife initiatives has entered the sustainability market over the last few years, Chimpzee stands apart with its result-oriented approach. It uses blockchain’s decentralized architecture for global coordination. Crypto incentivization, on the other hand, is employed as a tool for participation.

Rather than staking the future of the planet on the goodwill of the masses, Chimpzee inspires them to take action through crypto rewards.



Shop, Trade, Play, and Earn

The shop-to-earn pillar of the ecosystem will feature attractive products branded with slogans about wildlife conservation and climate action. Shoppers will collect rewards in $CHMPZ tokens with each purchase. The first look of the merchandise store is now out.

The trade-to-earn pillar of Chimpzee is dedicated to NFT traders. The NFT marketplace is primarily focused on projects that have an environmental mission. It works on a profit-sharing model that rewards active traders.

Zero Tolerance Game lays the third pillar of the project. Themed around wildlife conservation, the play-to-earn game subconsciously ingrains a sense of environmental responsibility in players.

Chimpzee will continue to donate to various environmental projects as its ecosystem evolves and expands over the years.

Chimpzee is Ready to Pump: Here’s Why

Chimpzee remains an underrated low-cap gem at the moment. But things are changing, as the wildlife meme coin prepares for a mega token burn event on March 1, 2024.

The token burn will reduce the supply of $CHMPZ by $5B. Historically known for triggering huge price actions, token burns take advantage of the inverse relationship between price and supply. It will slash the token supply to 20 billion.

Another key catalyst of the meme coin pump will be the upcoming launch of Chimpzee NFT Passports. They offer holders various privileges such as higher rewards and earnings.

They can further reduce the token supply by 5 billion.

Ahead of the token burn event, investors can get a low entry point to the pump from P2B and Bitmart. Staking with up to 40% APY is now live on the website.




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