Top Trader Advises Embracing Meme Coins, With Bitcoin Price Inactivity Expected in February

Meme coins have been around since DOGE went live over ten years ago. Today’s market has hundreds of memes in circulation, many of which outperformed BTC, ETH, and many other well-established altcoins. Meme coins proved they are no joke. Just look at PEPE’s incredible rise to the top in 2023. Some of the earliest investors saw returns of over 5,000,000%, an absolutely jaw-dropping number, despite having no real-world use cases.

The meme coin craze is real, and blockchains like Avalanche and others are putting their money into memes. But can emerging memes such as Meme Kombat outperform Bitcoin in the following period? Stick with us as we answer these burning questions.

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Meme Coins – Digital Assets Known for Explosive Growth

Meme coin markets have come a long way since their earliest beginnings. Most memes launched before 2020 were known for combining internet culture and humor that was never supposed to make it big on the markets. However, as things changed, meme coins became more than mere utility assets. So much so that even leading altcoins such as Avalanche, Solana, Ethereum, and others decided to bet big on the meme coin ecosystem.

Countless memes went live in 2023, most resulting in 100x growth or higher. PEPE’s example above is probably the highest growth any token has seen (other than BTC), and it did so in record time. Meme coins are always based on recognizable characters and viral internet memes that capture investor’s imagination. They are known as some of the riskiest investment options but with the highest gain potential.

Newly launched meme coins today offer a certain degree of utility, which makes them more appealing to a broader audience despite not conforming to traditional standards. Generally speaking, meme coins get value from narratives rather than real-world applications, which makes them highly volatile. The so-called fun factor is always involved, so you must invest responsibly.

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Bitcoin’s Price Movements This February

Bitcoin is known as the gold standard among cryptocurrencies. It’s the asset with the highest market cap and value and the most recognized crypto on the market. Like most other cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin has seen its ups and downs, but no matter how low it dips, it always bounces back with new all-time highs.

BTC tokens entered the year with some impressive growth, reaching prices of over $48,000. However, the growth quickly turned around as major holders dumped their tokens for a profit, and BTC prices dropped to as low as $39,160. Today, BTC is trading at just above $43,000, and everyone wants to know how they will perform throughout February.

The good news is that Bitcoin ETFs got approved about a month ago, which took the world by storm. BTC ETFs have been trading for weeks, pushing the token’s prices higher by 4% in the past week. Crypto whales are now choosing to hold on to thousands of BTC, indicating that a bull run is on the horizon. The sentiment surrounding BTC is positive, and the deficit of tokens in circulation will likely secure slow growth throughout February. If the bulls capitalize on the momentum, BTC could retest the $45,000 line by the end of the month. However, if the token doesn’t get enough support, it could drop as low as $38,000.

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Meme Kombat – New Meme Coin With 100x Growth Potential

Meme Kombat is the newest meme on the block and aims to become the highest gainer in the niche this year. It’s a high-utility meme coin with an interesting concept. Players can choose one of 11 available online meme characters and put them against each other in AI-powered arena battles. You must stake a number of tokens before every battle, and if your character wins, you earn higher returns.

Moreover, the platform gives users multiple reward options, combining features of three growing industries – gaming, cryptocurrencies, and online casinos. Players can also earn native MK tokens by completing challenges or betting on random battle outcomes. Once the platform goes live, players will get a new batch of online meme characters to select in every subsequent season, ensuring that Meme Kombat provides long-term potential.

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Designed According to the Best Industry Practices

Besides offering high utility, Meme Kombat is designed according to the best industry practices. It has excellent tokenomics, with no private sales or team allocation, so you don’t have to worry about rug pulls. Out of the total supply of 120 million MK, 50% or 60 million is available during the ongoing presale. 30% will be used for long-term staking and battle rewards, another 10% is reserved for DEX liquidity pools, and the final 10% will be given to the Meme Kombat community as rewards.

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Hugely Successful Presale Event

The official Meme Kombat presale event is still open, attracting thousands of investors. The event has raised over $8.1 million so far, with over 11500 MK token holders. If you invest in the platform today, you can stake your MK for a 114% APY, eventually getting even more tokens than you bought. The platform will launch in Q1 of 2024, so hurry up and invest to secure your spot among the earliest investors to get the highest returns in 2024 and beyond.

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Final Words

Meme coins have been among the highest gainers in the crypto markets for years, and they have slowly earned their title as some of the best investment options on the market. Platforms such as Meme Kombat will likely outperform Bitcoin and many other altcoins in 2024, so investing in them is one of the best moves you can make.

Meme Kombat will go live around the time of the next Bitcoin halving event, so a significant bull run is all but guaranteed for MK token holders. Join the Meme Kombat community today and get the most out of the meme coin craze expected in the next few months.

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Disclaimer: The article is provided for educational purposes only. It does not represent the opinions of NewsBTC on whether to buy, sell or hold any investments and naturally investing carries risks. You are advised to conduct your own research before making any investment decisions. Use information provided on this website entirely at your own risk.

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