Trade Crypto, Metals, Forex, Indices With the New Pullix Hybrid Platform, Could We See Their PLX Token 100x?


Cryptocurrencies are a recent addition to the trade scene, but they’ve already found a place alongside metals, forex and indices. Now, thanks to the Pullix (PLX) trading platform, traders can access all these different markets in one place. Certain analysts hint that this DeFi coin may rise by 100x in 2024. Let’s see why.

Combining the Best Features of CEX and DEX

Pullix (PLX) is the world’s first hybrid trading platform. In other words, Pullix combines the best of DEX and CEX into one platform. Therefore, traders can access all asset classes on Pullix, including cryptocurrencies, Forex, gold, OTC derivatives and more.

You can trade all these through just one platform, which is more convenient than most trading platforms. With this many options to choose from, your portfolio will automatically be diversified and your chances of making profits multiply.

This DeFi project also boasts complete privacy, as it requires no sign-up KYC checks. As the demand for privacy continues growing, this feature could make Pullix a fan-favorite for countless individuals. Recently, Pullix released the beta version of this platform and countless individuals are rushing to take part in it.

The Role of the PLX Token

The PLX token lies at the center of the Pullix ecosystem. This DeFi coin is full of utility. For example, traders who possess PLX tokens enjoy reduced trading fees, access premium features and more.

To stand out from most DeFi coins, PLX is also the very first “Trade-to-Earn” crypto. In other words, Pullix will reward PLX stakers with a portion of their daily earnings. This will improve liquidity and engagement since the more trades are made, the more rewards there will be for stakers.

Another exciting aspect of PLX is its token burn mechanism. To clarify, Pullix implements a burn event, which will reduce this DeFi coin’s supply over time. Therefore, scarcity will set in and increase PLX’s value in the future. With this development, long-term PLX token holders stand to benefit.

A Potential 100x Jump for this DeFi Crypto

Currently, PLX is worth just $0.094. However, demand for it is skyrocketing. Major crypto exchanges and data aggregators such as MEXC, CoinMarketCap, BitMart, CoinGecko and Uniswap have already listed this DeFi token. As more Tier-1 exchanges opt to list PLX, more eyes will be drawn to it.

Pullix will also enter flourishing markets like the OTC derivatives one. According to BIS, this market grew by 13% in the second half of 2022 to reach $20.7T before the year ended. This DeFi project strategically positions itself to dominate this market and capitalize on its growth. Therefore, market analysts forecast a 100x surge for PLX within Q3 of 2024.

Pullix (PLX): One of the Best DeFi Projects Right Now

In conclusion, Pullix is a game changer in the trading space. With its innovative features, traditional trading might be disrupted. As Pullix keeps gaining traction and popularity, the PLX DeFi coin also experiences growth each day. Thanks to its low market cap, it will need a small amount of new funds for its price to 100x – making PLX the best DeFi crypto to buy.

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