Which Crypto Will Pump Next? Hot Meme Coins to Watch in February

The meme coin market is expected to rekindle its volatility this month, fuelled by broader bullish sentiments. Here are three hot meme coins that will make the most out of the upcoming pump.

1. BONK is Getting Ready to Ride Another Bull Wave

BONK is one of the most viral cryptocurrencies of 2023. The Solana dog-coin had a humble beginning as a joke on Christmas Day in 2022, but meme coin investors have embraced it in no time.

BONK was launched to cheer up the community after the FTX collapse that dragged down most of the market in 2022. At present, BONK boasts a massive market cap of $683M. It is the world’s third-largest meme coin now.

BONK 1-year price action, CoinMarketCap

Although BONK hit an all-time high (ATH) in December, it has lost 68.57% of its value since then. But things will take a reverse this month, allowing the meme coin to get closer to its ATH.

What Will Drive $BONK?

Apart from social media sentiments, speculation, and influencer activities, the ecosystem developments will favor the price action of BONK.

For example, BONK DAO is planning to allocate $500,000 from its treasury to an early-stage startup fund, according to a recent governance vote. It targets projects building on Solana. BONK DAO is a 12-person council of Solana power brokers. They manage $124 million worth of BONK tokens.

With the social sentiments around Bitcoin halving predicted to translate into price action by the second half of February, the meme coin market is anticipating a substantial rally. One of the top meme coins to ride the bull wave will be BONK.

But ahead of that, investors will find multiple low points of entry into the meme coin in the coming days.

2. Meme Kombat Presale is Close to the $8M Milestone

Meme Kombat ($MK) is next in line for a meme coin pump.

The rapidly growing traffic to the presale of $MK tokens confirms that it is preparing for an early sell-out and token launch. Meme Kombat has been welcoming a growing influx of investors into its presale over the last few weeks amid deep market downturns.

At the heart of the project’s success is its unique approach to diversifying and expanding GambleFi.

In other words, the project dares to think beyond online casinos and sports betting platforms. Following the success of Rollbit, which recorded a 5000% surge in 2023, the market is inundated with knock-offs. Although GambleFi holds large promise, the duplicate projects do more harm than good.

Meme Kombat dares to think beyond. It is developing a platform centered on an AI-powered battle arena, where iconic meme coins engage in combat for victory. The project’s new GambleFi and GameFi narrative marks a positive departure from outdated trends.

A Utility Token in a Meme Coin Packaging

Meme Kombat is primarily a meme coin. But it has more means than just speculation to pump its value.

  • The first is its utility within the GambleFi ecosystem. The organic demand for the token from the virtual battle arena will substantiate its market relevance after the period of the initial pump ends. Participants will need to stake $MK to bet on the outcomes of these battles between meme coin icons. Accurate predictions will be rewarded in the native token. Meme Kombat Season 1 will begin soon after the conclusion of the presale.
  • Like most meme coins, $MK will be prone to market dumps after the initial surge. But to mitigate its impact, the meme coin has launched a passive staking system. It promotes long-term token holding with attractive rewards and discourages early sell-offs.
  • More importantly, Meme Kombat cleverly channels the social media rivalry between meme coin communities into its platform and uses it as fuel for engagement.


The Meme Kombat battle arena will feature iconic meme coins. They will have distinctive strengths, weaknesses, and attack animations. Here, stakers can wager on Player versus Player (PvP) matchups against other users or join Player versus Game (PvGame) battles against AI opponents.

Little Time Left for Early Investors

Early investors have little time to join the presale, which is now live with attractive discounts as well as passive staking rewards of up to 118% APY.

Top crypto analysts and traders have been sharing optimistic reviews of the meme coin as the presale crossed new milestones during the bear market. The official Meme Kombat website is the only designated platform for making presale purchases of $MK tokens.


3. Can SPONGE Ignite Another Pump?

SPONGE ($SPONGE) secures the third position on this list of top meme coins awaiting a pump in February.

While prominent meme coins like BONK had a dull January, SPONGE showed more resilience. Over the next few weeks, the momentum is expected to pick up. The meme coin has multiple exciting milestones ahead of it, including the launch of SPONGEV2, which will mark the project’s entry into GameFi.

SPONGEV2 has a promising investment outlook, if SPONGE’s track record is any sign.

Given the success of the initial version of the token, SPONGEV2 is gearing up for a promising journey. The upcoming play-to-earn ecosystem is expected to ignite a rebound similar to $BONK’s price action in December.

Investors can begin to acquire SPONGEV2 with attractive bonuses by bridging SPONGE on the official website now.

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