Will Solana Reclaim $200? Yes, But these Altcoins Will Pump Faster

Solana is one of the top gainers of this season. The market cap of the blockchain coin has ballooned to $45B over the last few days. While the pre-halving rally suggests that Solana is on the road to $200, more altcoins are preparing for a vigorous price action.

Will Solana Recover $200?

At one point during the recent bull run, Solana jumped to touch $118. It has registered a 21% surge on the monthly chart.

But the recent dip has dragged SOL back to $103. Like most high-cap assets, Solana is facing resistance from investors. It won’t be long before the token slides below $100. According to on-chain data, bearish waves await the market. If SOL fails to withstand the downturn, it could plunge to $93 in the first stage and touch the $80 floor in the next few days.

Solana 1-year price action, CoinMarketCap

Although the market is expected to rebound quickly, that will prolong Solana’s journey ahead.

Both pre-halving and post-halving rallies are predicted to propel the market to lost glory. With Bitcoin predicted to reclaim its all-time high and make its way toward $100K, $200 may seem like an easy walk for Solana.

The wild predictions have little ground, however. Bitcoin halving has a history of kindling wild bull runs, but investors are more conscious of the market’s reaction toward speculative price action than before. The long-drawn-out crypto winter of 2021 and 2022 remains a lesson.

From an optimistic, yet conservative point of view, high-cap assets like Bitcoin and Ethereum can’t be ballooned up beyond their all-time highs. Bitcoin is only 25% down from its all-time high. For Ethereum, it is 39.87%. But when it comes to Solana, the percentage is a massive 60.05%.

While $200 is a realistic goal for Solana, it is too ambitious to expect the coin to achieve the milestone this year.

These Altcoins Will Pump Faster Than Solana

As the crypto market enters a matured, mellow period, new assets underpinned by promising projects are the best bet for exponential gains. Their lower initial cap leaves large room for growth and expansion.

1. SMOG – Hot Meme Coin Preparing for a Mega Rally

SMOG is a Solana meme coin that went viral this month after pumping close to 4000% on its launch. Themed around dragons and magic, the project introduces an intriguing narrative into the crypto market, which is saturated with dog coins.

SMOG’s unique new story pulled investors to the project in the first phase and helped it build a staunch community. But the recent broader market downturn hasn’t spared SMOG. It is down to a $42M market cap now. Yet, it maintains a strong competitive edge in the meme coin market.

Strategic investors are hoarding the token at low prices, taking advantage of the dip. What’s behind this move?

SMOG’s mega airdrop.

The pivotal milestone outlined in its roadmap, integral to the tokenomics, is predicted to kindle one of the biggest meme coin manias of this year.

With anticipation building up for the series of airdrops, investors are bracing themselves for an exponential surge in prices. The captivating narrative of the airdrop and allied contests continues to drive engagement on the platform.

The SMOG website has launched a 10% discount for OTC (over-the-counter) purchases, along with staking rewards.

2. Bitcoin Minetrix – Hot Presale Token That Taps into Pre-Halving Rally

Bitcoin Minetrix is a viral new stake-to-mine token that gives high exposure to the pre-halving rally. The presale of $BTCMTX tokens just broke past the $11M milestone. It is closing in on an early sell-out as the investor traffic grows rapidly.

The mounting interest in the project can be attributed to two primary reasons.

First of all, the project taps into the frenzy around the upcoming Bitcoin halving. The Bitcoin tag in the name has doubtlessly helped the project draw the attention of speculative investors.

But more importantly, the project introduces a highly market-relevant utility in a new approach. It lowers the entry barrier to Bitcoin mining for the masses through blockchain tokenization.

As the first stake-to-mine-to-earn initiative of its kind, the project has high long-term relevance. That is something few cryptocurrencies can claim.

The concept is elegantly simple. It begins by staking $BTCMTX tokens, which accumulates mining credits gradually. These mining credits are non-transferable ERC20 tokens, ensuring their safekeeping. They are then redeemed to unlock mining rewards.

For investors looking to secure the token at discounted fixed rates, the official $BTCMTX presale window is now open. Staking rewards accompany the presale investment.

3. eTukTuk – The Tesla of Web3

eTukTuk ($TUK) is another new Web3 project that introduces highly market-relevant use cases of blockchain. The project has real-world applicability in the EV market.

The EV ecosystem consists of electric three-wheeler taxis, a network of EV charging stations, and a blockchain payment system. $TUK, the native token, plays an integral role in the smooth running of the ecosystem, as shown below.

After five years in development, eTukTuk is making its entry into the crypto market with the $TUK presale.

Having raised $1M already, the presale is rapidly progressing. For staking rewards, visit the presale page.


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