Your Step-by-Step Manual to Accumulate RTF Tokens via the Ready To Fight Application and Zealy!


Embarking on the RTF Community Adventure is a seamless experience, guiding you through a series of tasks within the Ready To Fight application and Zealy to collect your RTF tokens with ease. You’re a mere two steps away from reaching your target. These clear, sequential guidelines will steer you through a variety of activities to secure your portion of RTF tokens!

To kick things off, let’s explore the application’s walkthrough. This section entails downloading the app, signing up, and establishing your unique Web3 wallet, which plays a pivotal role in gathering and safeguarding your tokens.

Let the journey begin!

PHASE #1: Acquiring the RTF Application

Secure the application for your smartphone via the Store. For your convenience, we’ve arranged direct download links right next to each operating system’s label, ensuring a smooth, single-tap acquisition:

RTFight for aficionados of iOS

RTFight for enthusiasts of Android


PHASE #2: Setting Up Your Profile in the RTFight Application

For adherents of iOS, follow these undemanding steps to set up your profile:

1. Pore over or quickly peruse the User Agreement, then affirm your sign-up.

For partisans of Android:

2.Opt for one of three effortless registration options using your pre-existing Google, Facebook, or Apple ID credentials. This feature is located at the screen’s base, just beneath “Sign in with.”

Sign in

PHASE #3: Instituting Your Exclusive Web3 Wallet

Subsequently, initialize your wallet and securely record your seed phrase – it’s imperative to avoid capturing a screenshot for safety purposes. Be sure to preserve it. A recommended method is jotting it down in a journal and storing it in a safe spot.

Here’s the procedure:

Navigate to the “Web3” tab at the app screen’s footer.

Tap on the “Create Wallet” prompt.

Creating Web3 wallet

Once your Web3 wallet is operational, head over to the RTF Hub to start tackling tasks and amassing points redeemable for rewards!

PHASE #4: RTF Hub – Your Quests Consolidated!

Tap on the “View all” option to monitor your achievements in both finalized and active quests. Each quest bestows XP as a reward, scaled by its complexity – the more elaborate the challenge, the greater XP you accrue, enhancing your prospects of ascending the leaderboard.


Engage in the RTF Initiative’s referral scheme to amplify your experience points (XP) gains. By introducing first-tier referrals, you’ll secure a substantial 16% XP boost, while second-tier referrals will net you an 8% increase.

Pro Tip: Swift action is key! With the RTF team consistently rolling out fresh tasks, staying ahead of the curve is crucial to secure your spot among the elite top 5000.


Referral Earnings Opportunity

Zealy Campaign Unlocks Additional Rewards

If you’ve already navigated through the app’s tasks and boosted your XP tally, brace yourself for the Zealy Campaign. This subsequent stage is your gateway to accruing even more tokens, with tasks that are a breeze to complete.

Ready to dive in? Here’s your comprehensive guide to get started:

Step 1: Zealy Registration

Choose your preferred registration mode from the following:




Zealy Access Point

Step 2: Once signed in, make your way to the Ready To Fight page on Zealy by following this link.

Zealy’s Main Interface

Step 3: Embrace our community by selecting the “Join Community” button located on the left-hand navigation panel.

Community Engagement Section

Step 4: Visit the “Profile” area by selecting it from the drop-down menu.

Profile Navigation

Zealy Account Configuration Simplified

  1. Click on the “…” symbol to reveal the drop-down menu and opt for “Account settings.”

Account Preferences Section

  1. Within “Account settings,” ensure all relevant accounts are interconnected with your Zealy profile. Crucially, don’t overlook linking your Web3 wallet!

Integration of Accounts with Zealy

And there you have it — setup complete in a flash!

Now, circle back to the Ready To Fight homepage on Zealy. Here lies your portal to view and embark on all open tasks.

Questboard with Active Missions

Upon task completion, hit “Claim Reward” to add XP to your stash.

Monitor your journey and check out your leaderboard standing via the “Profile” tab.

Progress Tracking and Leaderboard Status

Closing Curtain: Be Proactive and Join the Action!

Why wait any longer? Download the RTF app, get registered on Zealy, and immerse yourself in a campaign brimming with a $150,000 prize pool. Start collecting your exclusive $RTF tokens now!

Seize this opportunity to engage with an active community, tackle thrilling tasks, and maximize the potential of both the RTFight app and Zealy. Don’t let this incredible chance to be part of something grand and gainful pass you by!


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